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One of the biggest shooters of the year, Battlefield 3 sets the bar for multiplatform visuals in a game, but DICE’s FPS isn’t just pretty looks, with no substance – it also has trophies! BF3 has one platinum, four gold, six silver and twenty eight bronze trophies, and here’s how you get them all.

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doctorstrange2160d ago

Definitely gonna plat this.

Although the 'get all the ribbons' will be a grind

BigWoopMagazine2160d ago

Indeed! This has some unique ones for a shooter, a lot specific to certain parts of different levels.

Lifewish2160d ago

Bookmarked but don't have the game yet :(

JonnyBigBoss2160d ago

Argh. PC version here, and the game isn't available on Steam. Either way, this trophy guide looks really informative. Awesome!

doctorstrange2160d ago

When it finally comes out in the UK, but how's the PC ver?

thebudgetgamer2160d ago

Better, if you have a gaming rig that's the one to get.

knifefight2160d ago

No thanks. The heads of my enemies are all the trophies I need.

HardCover2160d ago

I think you mean dog tags.

Assuming we're playing the same game here, that is.

knifefight2160d ago

I mean ripping off people's heads and shitting down their necks.

2160d ago
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