MW3 Proficiency Skills: Paradise for noobs with Faster knife kills?

Product-Reviews writes: We have a feeling that it is going to be a very frustrating experience for those who haven’t unlocked the faster knife proficiency skill, as we’re likely to see groups of players just taking advantage of the faster knife ability and choosing to knife all game. It happened in Black Ops with the ballistic knife, especially on Gun Game, and we’re sure it will happen here again.

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tr00p3r2335d ago

Wasn't particularly a fan of Commando in Modern Warfare this is likely to be more of the same stuff..let's face it, everyone loves a knife kill don't they.

The faster knifing looked FAST in that video..add that to unlimited sprint.. de ja vu perhaps?

-Mika-2335d ago

Ya it does. Hopefully IW and raven are dedicated to balancing the game if something overpowered comes up.

tr00p3r2335d ago

Knifing will always remain one hit in Call of Duty though, so doubt they'll be able to fix that side of If anything they should make knifing harder to pull off, rather than make it easier!

iPad2335d ago

What I hate most about knife kills in COD is that the knife DOESN'T even touch you. WTF?!

Dart892335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Literally cod has gone down the drain since cod4 they just keep adding dumb crap yea let's give the guns less recoil and then add something that will give them even less recoil so when they fire it will have no recoil at all great move morons at iw,sledgehammer etc.-_-.

-Mika-2335d ago

COD is a arcade shooter. If you wanna play a realistic wargame. Go buy Battlefield 3.

killerhog2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Bf3 is also an arcade.

Lol dart you still dislike that COD huh lol

Grandclover2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

BF3 is an arcade shooter? haha you might want to give it ago. It would be the largest, most realistic and immersive acrade shooter the world has ever seen.

killerhog2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I played bf3 and it isn't realistic in any standard real life or video game wise. Sorry if it hurts your feelings. You guys have no idea how far from reality video game shooters actually are, the best cod, bf3 players would die within a second in real combat, but that isn't the point, having played bf3 myself even video game wise it isn't realistic.

C_Menz2335d ago

If you want realistic then play an Arma game.

Grandclover2335d ago

@ Killerhog. Are you serious? This game isnt going to make me a cold and calculated killer??? what OMG WHAT AM I GOING TO DOOOOOO.

Ohh and don't worry much about my feelings. Someone who didnt understand what i just said dosent exaclty register as someone who could hurt my feelings. So you've played and you arent immpressed, funny how almost every review out there says otherwise, how almost every player out there says otherwise. No one could possable think this game is going to make you a soldier and it says more about you thinking that everyone or even i do think that. I was talking about the feel of the game. I guess that feel isn't quite there for whatever reason that you had already chose you werent going to like it but id say there are 10 million gamers who'd say you need to put your bias aside and see BF3 for what it is GOTY BABY!!!

killerhog22335d ago


uh huh. just like im entitled to my own opinion that others also share as me. so your point?

my respond was simply towards mika on how bf3 isnt realistic nor is any video game shooter technically, as she tried to call out another shooter as being "arcade" but you seem to of gotten butt hurt especially as your recent reply demonstrates.

my statements doesnt imply video game shooters make you a soldier nor was i even making that assumption towards you. im not thinking about you dude. so as flatter as i am, do not make that assumption for me.

also youre an evident fanboy (by your comment) so this will be the last acknowledgement i give towards you. as YOU like speaking for me and others. funny how you are using "bias" to refer to me lol.

CODhellya2335d ago Show
Heartnet2335d ago

BF3 is an arcade shooter.. its just heavier than cod lol so it plays slightly slower...

Aram is where its at if u want realistic shooter :) or Operation Flash Point

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@dart just give it up. All I see every time is u bashing Cod @ every chance u get. U think its gone down hill but 20million people who bought the last Cod don't care,they have fun online and that's all that matters. U mad bro?????

Grandclover2335d ago

This is my 3rd month on this site and i could say the same thing about you and killerhog, im guessing that is why you guys only have 1 and 2 bubbles. Maybe you guys should have taken the hint taht there are better ways of getting your OPINION out there beside freaking out on people for what you do daily. Im fully aware of my hypocracy....can you say the same?

Heartnet2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )


i wouldnt diss the amount of bubbles they have as seeing by ur comments read above ur bubbles are gonna vanish..

not everyone on this site loves Bf and hates Cod like you :) most people love both and some just love cod :) u shudnt diss people for liking a certain game :)

However we can make fun off you as u pratically worship BF...

DasBunker2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

i like the knifing animation in KZ3 and BF3... you either have to be stealthy to pull it off or the weird encounter with an enemy face to face.. in COD it feels like you can run trough the map knifing the crap out of everything..

LackTrue4K2335d ago

yep no skill needed, and its cool that they are adding more weapons and stuff to the game. but others will use all this and abuse it on others!!! its like the more they add the harder it will become to counter it! well we will see how the game plays out in 2 weeks.

Heartnet2335d ago

dude u cud do that in kz3 :) espcially with Medic on xD

pctrollv42335d ago

mw3 is crap, bf3 is more realistic but still crap. Arma 2 is where its tat for realism, but thats just too much realism. Winner is bf3. modern warfare imma pirate on all platforms since activision doent deserve a cent.

Brownghost2335d ago

each game belongs to different tastes. People like BF and MW but each one belongs in a different category

Shmotz2335d ago

It's faster melee'ing but the range is still the same, knife me faster, either way I still die. It's the lunge from 50 feet away that annoyed me.

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