An evening with Origin

In which are sung the many glories of EA's Origin service.

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Jpm2242488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Am I just really lucky? I pre-ordered battlefield two days before it came out, and I have been playing through origin since midnight on launch day with no problems. Sure...steam is better, but they've had six years to get it together. As far as i'm concerned, the BF3 launch has been awesome compared to every other major PC release this year. Lag issues aside (because I am pretty sure they will be resolved within a few weeks), I believe it's a game that any fan of the battlefield franchise will love.

nycredude2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Game is good, origin not so much. I bought from amazon took a couple of hours to download, then took another 20 minutes to install then it kept locking up while trying to install. Finally it installed and when I launched the game it opened to battlenet and my browser was blocking the active x so the website didn't work. Then I had to update and download some wierd 400mg update. All in all it was a bit frustrating mess. however I am technically inclined and managed to get it to work and the game runs great now on ultra on my laptop. However I couldn't get into any mp games.

Almost forgot i was getting a lot pop ads to buy games. Origin sucks at the moment but I am sure in time it will get better.

Legionaire20052488d ago

I got this game on Amazon pre-download release for 9 dollars!!! Best game deal ever. Its the PC Version too with all that 64 player and gorgeous graphic goodness.

Bolts2488d ago

Wait...what!? How is it that you only paid $9?

Legionaire20052485d ago

I been buying other games with the $10 or $20 discount when you make a purchase for another game. I add those what I bought all together and bam!!! Only paid $10 dollars then they reduce the already low price by $1 dollars making it $9 dollars. I don't know why you disagree LOL but it is possible just look for those games with those deals.

Bolts2488d ago

It seems to be devoid of everything that makes Steam great while being filled to the brim with everything that make Steam suck.

SKUD2488d ago (Edited 2488d ago )

Origin still has a VERY LONG way to go before its even considered decent.

PixL2488d ago

A typical example of why I mostly left PC gaming.

StayStatic2488d ago

Because the servers went down ?

Happens on console aswell , could understand if their was some technical stuff involved but was just a waiting game till they came back online , ive had that problem on my consoles many times.

PixL2488d ago

No. Because between the fact of game purchase and the moment you can start playing there's some issues, glitches, errors, drivers, cheaters and other nasty things to spoil your fun.

limewax2488d ago

All those issues are on consoles too. if anything drivers are better, since the game will still work just not as well. With consoles if you don't have the latest firmware it means no new games and no online.

Everything else is evident on consoles too. To be honest BF3 is the roughest launch I have had in a while. But you know it only took 15 minutes to fix and get playing. What about Dead Island? Its still pretty much unplayable on my PS3

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