Saints Row: The Third - Cherished Memory #5

Yeah, THQ loves sending us Saints Row: The Third trailers and we love putting them up for you, our loyal readers. This latest trailer in the Cherished Memory series clocking in as #5.

It gives you a great feel for the versatility of the game as you see two players working together as one races down a street full of baddies on motorcycle, while the other rains death via an orbital satellite.

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Vagrant2399d ago

They've certainly been...interesting.

jaredhart2399d ago

The game just keeps looking better and better. Definitely has my attention but I'm not sure about a pre-order.

I'll probably wait until I read a few reviews first.

bronxsta2399d ago

Same here, I'd preorder but just dont have the $$ right now. Waiting till after know, when all the money rolls in.

I think I read on one of the articles here that the first review gave it an 88. Pretty good, imo. I'm expecting scores like Just Cause 2, a lot in the high 80s and a lot in the 90s and 100s and then few who just hate it

rabidpancakeburglar2399d ago

well the first review gave it an 88% and said that it's impossible to hate and really fun so it's probably worth pre-ordering, especially as you get awesome pre-order bonuses.

Sinsarmor2399d ago

amazon has the Digital Download for 39$ with the Professor Genki Pack for people in the US. only prob with that is not being able to pre-load like if you got it from steam but for 39$ i can wait lol

2399d ago