New Street Fighter x Tekken Character Teased

Street Fighter x Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono has shared a teaser image of a yet-to-be announced fighter.

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-Mika-2156d ago

It obviously asuka but they gave her some manly legs.

Jinkazama14212156d ago

its defo asuka, the boots are a right reveal BUT WHERE IS JIN KAZAMA!!!!

ironfist922156d ago

He's either gonna be:

A) revelaed as the final character or, more likely...
B) Announced as DLC, or even more likely still...
C) included in the Super Hyper Turbo Desu Desu XD edition

maddfoxx2156d ago

Lili is going to be in the game. They cant include Lili without including Asuka.

jc485732156d ago

uh....Lili has been confirmed ages ago, unless you meant Asuka.

maddfoxx2153d ago

Im was saying that its a given that Asuka will be in the game because Lili has already been confirmed. Lili and Asuka are rivals. . . so its logical.

tarbis2156d ago

Asuka-chan.... <3<3<3

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