Hands on Mass Effect 3 Co-Op, Why it’s a Good Thing - RipTen

RipTen: I recently sat down and got to enjoy some ME3 co-op and I’m going to tell you why I think it’s a good thing and why you’ll probably like it as well… or hate it… or be indifferent.

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jaredhart2490d ago

As long as it isn't mandatory, co-op is a welcome addition to most games.

WolfLeBlack2490d ago

Nope, it's not mandatory, mate.

I'm quite looking forward to it as it seems that Bioware have put some thought into crafting an interesting multiplayer component instead of just chucking team deathmatch into it.

Vagrant2490d ago

Unlikely to utilise the co-op mode, but it's good for those who want some multiplayer in the ME series.

Hitman07692490d ago

Should be pretty interesting

SpaceSquirrel2489d ago

I'll certainly give it a try