PS Vita’s Hardware Exceeded in iPhone’s Near Future, Success Remains

"On January 27th of this year, Sony took the world by storm when they announced their successor to the PlayStation Portable, codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable). Featuring a 5-inch OLED display, multi-touch pad, dual analog sticks, two cameras, three motion sensors, 3G connectivity, and a quad-core CPU and GPU, the power within such a portable device left the industry astonished."

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Ulf2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Due to the dedicated hardware target of handheld console development, it'll be many years before phone games can even compete with Vita games, from a graphics standpoint alone.

The PSP's software lineup still outclasses almost every phone game in existence -- and the ones that it doesn't outclass are basically rail games, which sacrifice gameplay for graphical show.

Look at the hardware differences between the PSP and the phones that run games like Infinity Blade, and yet look at games like Ghost of Sparta... the phone games are downright sad, given the backing hardware of high-end phones.

The Vita will be exactly the same -- it won't be outclassed for *years*, due to its dedicated nature. What's laughable is that it won't even be outclassed in raw specs for at least 6 months after its release, possibly longer.

shikamaroooo2487d ago

I don't think phones will get quad cores till 2013 even then mobile cpus and gpu won't be as powerful or equal to that of the psv

death2smoochie2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

Quad core chipsets are coming in 2011. In 2012 there will be a refresh of said chip that is faster. Then Qualcomm releases their Quad core in early 2012.

Nvidia already demoed a tablet running a quad core chipset.

As for the Nvidia GPU? It has more GPU cores in the first installment than the Vita. Those number of cores almost doubles before 2012 ends in the refresh.

By 2013, Tablet and Cell Phones will be running chipsets more than triple the power of whats inside the Vita. Just take a look at Nividia's road map.
Then you have Qualcomm. They are said to be even faster than what Nvidia will be releasing. Read the link I provided. 2.5ghz quad core chipsets capable of running full 1080p-3D.
The Vita cannot do that as listed in its spec sheet.
So RAW power wise, these chipsets already bested Vita.

However,the big advantage the Vita has over tablets and cell phones is the Vita is made mostly for gaming and developers will make games specifically for that system.
You wont see big budgeted games on these phones or tablets like the Vita/3DS.
You will see better graphical games on the Viota then the Tablets and Cell Phones not because the cell phones and tablets cannot do it, developers wont spend the money to make those games on that mobile platform.


"it won't even be outclassed in raw specs for at least 6 months after its release, possibly longer"

Kal El is already in production and will be coming out around the same time as the Vita and that chipset has more GPU cores and raw power.
4 months after that they release WAYNE that has double the performance of Kal El.

LOL I get disagrees for stating facts and provide proof of said facts. LOL Only at N4G.COM

shikamaroooo2486d ago

The galaxy sIII leaked speaks are dual core 1.8ghz people have been saying quad core is coming out since early Feb.....

BakedGoods2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

You can spout facts all you want, but the key difference remains: Vita's a gaming platform.

Quadcore, dual-GPU whatever, the mobile specs might be there but clearly cell phone gaming has not reached the sophistication that the PSP has (like Ulf said).

So my point: you're getting all excited for hardware press releases, meanwhile Vita fans are more interested in what matters: games.

So regardless of quadcore--whatever, it's the games that'll pull gamers.

MaxXAttaxX2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

PS Vita is a proper gaming device with proper gaming controls which utilizes its hardware and performance more efficiently for gaming with a wider and higher quality catalog of games.

I don't care if a phone next week will be coming out with an Deca-core processor. End of subject.

heylo2486d ago

"[kal-el] has more GPU cores"
wrong, it's just one GPU with 12 unified shaders (congrats for beeing fooled by Nvidia's marketing bla bla)
Also PowerVR is a waaaay more efficient mobile GPU solution than Geforce

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dark-hollow2486d ago

The best visuals for a game on the iphone is an on-rails slasher......

Hanif-8762486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I take it that you haven't seen Modern Combat 3 its literally a console game in the palm of your hands.

Modern Combat 3 iPhone 4 review:

I also have this game an trust me the video that your about to see pales in comparison to actually seeing it first hand. The textures are alot better and everything else. its definitely looks better than anything on the original Xbox but falls short of reaching the what current gen consoles are capable of. Therefore, Imagine what quad core processor and GPU will bring to mobile devices.

teedogg802486d ago

Yeah it is a great game. It's like Call of Duty in your pocket, seriously.

Muffins12232485d ago

Acully look at modern combat 3,infinity blade 2,or real racing 2.Already better than ps2 graphics and sony said psp vita was in between a ps2 and ps3

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GraveLord2487d ago

There's a new iPhone every year.
Vita will have a life span of about 5-6 years.

Of course the iPhone will surpass it in 1-2 years. But the iPhone will never get Vita quality games. All it will get is Angry Birds 2.

CloseSecond2486d ago

Why even compare the two devices?!? they are aimed at different audiences. I do however think that Vita wont ship as many Vitas as Apple ships IPhones. So, big question is what number of Vitas will need to sell to avoid it going the same way as the Go?

GraveLord2486d ago

The PSP Go was a digital-only device with little support from Sony. Why compare it to Vita?

Of course Vita won't sell anywhere near as many iPhones. Phones sell more because they are phones.

CloseSecond2486d ago

I'm not comparing the Go to the Vita. I'm saying at what point will the Vita be considered a success so Sony does not abandon it like they did the Go.

Does Sony need to sell 10 million units in the first quarter, year, etc.

XFON2486d ago

Who hear thinks of gaming when they hear iphone?
Yeah, I don't.

HarvesterOSarow2486d ago

I get where you're going with this article, but iPhone games only look really good when they use the Unreal engine and are on rails. And that is only impressive because it's on the scale of a handheld. Put it on the consoles or PC and it's the same drab we've been seeing for the last 5 years. (thanks xbox) But won't the Vita be able to run the Unreal engine? It isn't that hard if my 3GS can do it. There will be numerous engines to play on the Vita that make games feel unique and diverse, not just the rehashed Epic software. So Vita wins?

kcuthbertson2486d ago

Yeah, sure in 1-2 years it might. But a new iphone sure as hell won't be $250-$300 it will be $400-$600.

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