Eurogamer Preview Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Condemned then. Chances are if you have a memory of the original Condemned: Criminal Origins it'll be a hazy thing consisting mainly of beating tramps to death with locker doors.

You probably won't remember the story either, since towards the end of the game the plot collapsed like so much dunked digestive. The narrative never quite managed to make two more interesting characters than 'The Locker Door' and 'The Tramp's Face'.

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Charlie26883833d ago

Looking pretty sweet, since I loved the original ill be eagerly waiting for this one :D

predator3833d ago

was the original any good, is it worth a rent?

Skerj3833d ago

I think you could pick it up for like 15 bucks now, well worth it. It's crazy atmospheric and pretty unsettling quite often. Think X-Files + CSI + Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Bucher Bay.