Golden Times for PS3 Version of Unreal Tournament 3

Any kind of mods created for the PC version, including player created mods and customizations, can be loaded in the PlayStation 3 system which will bring a level of creativity, innovation and replayability not previously seen on home consoles.

All the technology behind the Unreal Engine 3, used in the PC version of the game, is said to be fully optimized for the PlayStation 3 system, which means that the game developers can take full advantage of its power and creativity. With mods and maps already available for the PC version of the game and with others announced, this feature is definitely not just dust in the wind. And it should allow the developers to start working on future releases, too.

The PlayStation 3 Version of Unreal Tournament 3 will be released to North American manufacturing and could show up in stores starting December 11th.The European release will occur later, though, because of some unfinished localization-related tasks. This means that early 2008 (January or February) is the best guess for European UT3 fans regarding the PlayStation 3 release.

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Evil0Angel3957d ago

i was really excited about this gam in PS3, now i am not.

leon763957d ago

Sorry, i'm going to buy it!!!!

ravinash3957d ago

its still fast as they put it some were inbetween the speed for keyboard/mouse to controller as of course there will be players on the PS3 using Keyboard/mouse.

Violater3957d ago

you need to own a PS3 first.

mighty_douche3957d ago

once again we get butt f*cked.....

oh well, 2 months will come before we know it, then ive got a few months on UT before MGS drops! WWOOHHOOOOO!!!

mighty_douche3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

wasted bubble...

PS3PCFTW3956d ago

you act like you wont have PLENTY of awesome exclusives to waste your day away on...........not to mention bluray movies and the other ton of sh1t the ps3 can Do extrememely well.

damn. ps3 is starting to dominate. i always thought ps3 was to be released this november not in november 06.

Skerj3957d ago

Yarr, in the Binaries folder for the PC version there's a PS3 folder with the PS3tools file inside. And inside the frontend you can select PS3 as a platform for exporting and cooking. Epic really did score an epic win with this. Once the word gets out to the mass PS3 owners who have a passing interest or are guaranteed to pick this up about the longevity this will give the game, it should sell like awesomecakes. I wish there was a way they could offer the standalone editor for people with solely the PS3 version who want to step into modding instead of buying both.

mighty_douche3957d ago

but i cant see the PS3 getting its own editor, it would simply be to much work for Epic, thats if the console is even capatable (512mb?).

Skerj3957d ago

Nah not an editor inside the console, that would require too much work and you're right 512 isn't enough ram for it. I'm talking about a downloadable PC standalone version of the UnrealEd that comes with the PC UT3 and GoW for people who purchase the PS3 UT3.

mighty_douche3957d ago

thats a great idea, even if they give you some form of key with your PS3 copy, that way its not free/available to anybody!

but to be honest im sure you could find a way to get it anyway... *cough* torrent *cough*....

NanoGeekTech3956d ago

The possibilities of playing the same game on a console for years and years while at the same time experiencing totally new levels created by the people who really take gaming seriously all for free"Priceless"...I have never played it on PC...but really looking forward to this game for my PS3....

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name3957d ago

PS3 has linux, couldn't you just download the editor using that.? =/

mighty_douche3957d ago

i doubt the PC version even supports Linux, let alone that yellow dog (linux) doesnt support the RSX.

Edwin19893957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Unreal engine can run on openGL, so I think on PC linux the game will be playable

and I don't think the editor is going to use the GPU, because there aren't many 3d-editors (for example 3dsmax) that use the GPU, it's CPU only

PLUS: I agree with Mighty douche that Europe's being screwed...

AGAIN!! :(

BigKev453957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Mark the date - UT3 for PS3! US rules!

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