Has the Wii set the industry back as a viable art form?

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "Games are great right? You love ‘em, I love’em…nowadays, everyone loves ‘em. Never before has gaming been so socially acceptable. It has officially moved out of its mum’s basement and is ready to take on the world. Thing is, since the Wii, well, everyone is looking to accessibility aren’t they"?

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Titanz2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

The author is clearly misinformed.

Wintersun6162485d ago

"I am yet to play a core game which has been vastly improved due to the inclusion of motion controls."

You should try Killzone 3 then. After training for a while, I got better at it with Move than DualShock3.

r212485d ago

agreed, killzone 3 is way better with move.

Nerdmaster2485d ago

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition is much better than any other version (including the HD version) because of the controls.

Venox20082485d ago

agreed.. Wii version of RE4 is the best... + Metroid prime with motion control = awesomeness + Red Steel 2 is awesome example too.. Can't wait for Zelda: skyward sword! :)

ignorantsonsof_2484d ago

I play it with no aiming reticule and the HUD turned off and it is the most immersive experience I've ever had with a game.

Apex132485d ago

I think the Wii made developers think outside of the box because like it or not it was innovative but developers were lazy gits who only know how to work with raw power and what they know best. Look at the state of the Kinect and the Sixxaxxis if you dont believe me.

2485d ago
Venjense2485d ago

Games are already art. They're created by dozens of artists, come to life by programers and often have stories written by well known authors utilizing skilled actors. If movies are art so are games - both are demonstrate significant levels of creativity.

Also, every still image of a game would be an amazing artwork, it may not be classical art but it's art nonetheless.

Whether they are good are bad art depends on the values of the beholder.

tunaks12484d ago

"Has the Wii set the industry back as a viable art form"

thats a new one.

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