Ghost Recon Future Soldier: The Next Online Sensation?

After a decidedly unimpressive showing at E3 2010, Ghost Recon and its developers Ubisoft Paris went into stealth mode for almost an entire year, tweaking and tuning the game in order to please the fans of the series as well as garner interest in new players.

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Criminal2460d ago

This game looks really promising; I hope it'll deliver.

Mister_V2460d ago

Always been a huge fan of GR, but the early impressions of this game definitely turned my off. I also hope for the best.

Brownghost2460d ago

they toned down the game for casual players

BattleAxe2460d ago

I've been looking forward to a good Tactical TPS since the last good one which was GRAW2. Socom has lost its way this generation, so its safe to say that Ghost Recon has taken the Tactical TPS crown this gen. I'm actually more hyped about this game than MW3 and BF3 combined.

Bathyj2460d ago

I hope their not neglecting the SP.

This game is about the campaign. There are so few good shooters with squad mechanics.

sonicsidewinder2460d ago

I have doubts. But i'm a generally negetive kinda guy.

Hitman07692460d ago

Some of my clan see merit in this title, i dont know so sure

SwampCroc2460d ago

all the GRAW games have been good. I can only imagine this one will be just as fun as the previous titles.. I personally can't wait.