Thailand Floods to Cause HDD Shortages

The ongoing flooding in Thailand has devastated the entire country, causing the capital city of Bangkok to be evacuated in several districts, and countless lives to be lost. The natural disaster has also severely impacted the nation’s economy, including the hard disk drive industry.

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Oldman1002490d ago

Well that sucks, i guess were just gonna have to hook everything up to our brains for storage until the flood waters retreat. It may be our only solution until then.

egidem2490d ago

I can personally attest to this effect. I was looking at a nice 2TB HDD going for $90 and after just a couple of hours, it went into the $150s and I was like WTF??

decimalator2490d ago

Yeah, prices have already been going up. Most places don't keep a huge stock, so unless they can order from the manufacturer they may only have a few weeks worth of disks available. And when supply drops, but demand stays the same...

DaTruth2490d ago

Damn, just when DCUO is about to crack my 120gb.

BigWoopMagazine2490d ago

oh sonnuvabich. I really need a new HDD, I should buy that sooner than I was planning on.

On a less self serving and egocentric note, damn that sucks for Thai land, I hope the people there see a speedy recovery.

doctorstrange2490d ago

Hopefully the monsoon lets off

akaFullMetal2490d ago

Better go buy your hard drives now, prices are going to be rising soon.

PirosThe4th2490d ago

I just checked ... here they are twice the price already FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU----

JsonHenry2490d ago

I'll pay the higher price. I just hope the people there recover quickly and well.

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