Single-Player Still Has A Place In EA's Service-Based Strategy

Gamasutra: Though EA has been focusing on multiplayer as part of its long-term strategy to become less of a game seller and more of a platform provider, the company says single-player experiences are still key.

"Single-player is often how new players ramp into the game," CEO John Riccitiello said in a Gamasutra-attended investor Q&A on Thursday. "It's the way new players usually get exposed to a franchise."

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optimus2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

If they say the single player campaign is still important then they certainly aren't acting like it is...I am one of those that won't go into a multiplayer session without finishing the single player side and if the single player isn't cutting it then chances are I won't be going into the multiplayer with much enthusiasm.

Organization XII2486d ago

I believe the single-player in BF3 is pretty decent, the voice acting is damn solid for a military shooter. It doesn't have an Uncharted-like story, but still it's pretty awesome. Don't listen to the critics

optimus2485d ago

I'm not listening to the critics as i have the game. I'm talking about what DICE is saying NOW. it's a lame excuse for something they "could have" made better if they put in the time. i agree the voice acting and character animations are top but if i solely wanted top notch animation and voice acting then i'll go rent a disney movie... the campaign is full of glitches and boring missions that fail to draw you in. i know this much, i won't be rushing out to buy battlefield 4 if at all.

ironfist922485d ago

I would be inclined to believe that DICE really dont care about Story, however they do care about Single-Player gameplay consider Bad Company's campaigns, aswell as Mirror's Edge. For Battlefield though, it seems to be the worst off considering they said it was merely nothing more than a tutorial for MP.

I really dont like it when Devs disregard Campaigns like that. I am a rare gamer who only plays games for the stories and campaigns, both co-op or solo, but will play the MP sections for a match or two.

One of the reasons I wish they would hurry up and release Mirror's Edge 2 already.

optimus2485d ago

never played bad company1-2 nor mirrors edge but i'm like you, i don't buy games based on their multiplayer as i only play them on occasion. (it's been a good 3 weeks since i played gears 3 after finishing it). my money is on modern 3 right now, even if it ends up being short, it's one of the few gamees that keeps up late at night on the single player story alone.