Jay Button: I figured out what's wrong with Arkham City

Matt Jay: "If you listened to this week’s podcast, you’ll know that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Batman: Arkham City. Don’t get me wrong, the game is entirely competent and I had a good time with it. It’s a great action game, but to me it wasn’t a great Batman game.Then I realized it’s actually a great adaptation of a Batman. Just not my Batman. Whose Batman is it? Keep reading."

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Pozzle2453d ago

"Batman: Arkham Asylum is a perfect adaptation of Joel Schumacher’s vision of the caped crusader. It’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin in video game form."

I can't say I agree there. Not at all. IMO both Batman: Arkham City and Asylum are reminiscent of the Batman comics of the 80s. Or at least a more "adult" version of the Batman: Animated Series. (Hell, the writer of the games also wrote the Animated Series, so it's not like Rocksteady didn't know what they were doing).

Mutant-Spud2453d ago

I've still got the original Arkham Asylum: A serious house on serious ground graphic novel, I bought it when I was at art school,Dave McKean was probably my favorite illustrator at the time.
That's a really dark book, I just remember being blown away by Grant Morrison's writing.
That was an awesome time for DC/Vertigo comics, it'd be great to see some more titles from that era translated to video games, Black Orchid, The Extremist, Shade, Swamp Thing etc.

JoeReno2453d ago

Hahahha he really said "batman forever, and batman and robin". Just from the headline I knew I wasn't going to give this guy a hit. That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.