IGN Hands-On with WipEout HD + New Screens

IGN: "The WipEout series has been a staple of 3D gaming since it first jetted its way onto the PSone (and Saturn, let's not forget the Saturn) way back in 1995. In that time it's had its highs and lows, but a few things have never changed - the series' adherence to cool, futuristic design, blazingly fast racing and a thumping soundtrack. And now WipEout is taking its first step into the high definition landscape, with WipEout HD, which will be available for purchase and download on the PlayStation Store in early 2008".

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mighty_douche3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

gonna get this off PSN as soon as i can. who knows, maybe by then we'll have in game XMB and ill be able to play my own tunes with it, which would be nice :)

Rama262853805d ago

Well if there isn't in game XMB by that time, hopefully Sony will allow us to use our own music anyway, like they do in High Velocity Bowling. That would be a nice touch.

Skerj3805d ago

Noooooooo early 2008!? I was hoping for next month :( I'm getting it anyway.

ravinash3805d ago

*Sits on his hands and holds his breath*

Rama262853805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

I'm actually looking forward to this game. I really enjoyed WipEout on my PSP and it's a really addictive game which seemed to take many hours of my life lol

Has there been any sign of how much it's going to cost?? (Also, is it just a PSN release?)

mighty_douche3805d ago

im wondering if they'll add remote play for the PSP, that would be sweeeeet!!

SimmoUK3805d ago

looks really good for a downloadable title im sure i could let this grace my PS3...

Ares843805d ago

....I don't like WipeOut!!
I played this game on my PSP and tought it was a terrible game!

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