120° Batman Arkham City – Nightwing DLC

For those of you that have bought the Batman Arkham City game that came out in the UK on the 21st of October. Warner Bros, interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment have recently released a new trailer that showcases some content from the upcoming Nightwing Bundle Pack which will become available to both xbox360 on the 1st of November and the Playstation Network on the 2nd of November.

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jc485732489d ago

I have the game, but I rather save my money on GOTY instead of spending it on DLC.

dragonraelms2489d ago

a lot of people are saying the same thing. tbh i dont see it being much different from the robin dlc

Ninjeska2488d ago

Yeah I'm not fussed about Robin & Nightwing, but Catwoman?
Oh yeah, I'm buying that!

dragonraelms2488d ago

catwomen is really fun to play with, Shes also a nice twist away from playing batman all the time

Mutant-Spud2488d ago

Ech, I'm lukewarm on the whole challenge map thing anyway,if they gave us a few hours of Nightwing and Robin missions tied in to the main game as well I'd be more inclined to buy.

dragonraelms2488d ago

i agree. i reckon that the game has alot more playability after you've completed it. With the catwomen missions only providing four levels i feel kinda cheated.
Adding a playable campaign for either robin or nightwing would be a great improvement

Mutant-Spud2488d ago

Kind like Resident Evil 4, you could have the unlockable or DLC missions run .parallel to the main story only seen from a different pespective, then as a game plus mode you could have them all running in sequence.

OmegaSlayer2488d ago

Nightwing combat seems really gay. :p