Destructoid | Online Passes: A Spoonful of Sugar

Destructoid: "The growing trend of online pass (ab?)use is somewhat murky territory; while publishers may actually have a point about used game sales putting a dent in their profits, they're doing a pretty good job of screwing, and therefore alienating, their customer bases by not thinking these passes through.

I think the system could use a spin toward positive reinforcement rather than used-buyer deprivation if it's going to last and/or be a successful money recovery scheme, and I have a fistful of ideas as to how this can be gone about."

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ironfist922459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Lmfao, nice picture. But I'm not to worried considering I'm personally wait for the GOTY edition. Its just a game, and it wont disappear anytime soon. It can wait.

I refuse to completely support any developers/publisher who continue this money-whoring practise, and one which performed quite poorly considering the missing codes, or even ones which dont work.