How Poland Was Sold On Halo 3; Nude Models

WARNING: Contains nude images, not suitable for younger gamers.

Kotaku writes: "Not with Mountain Dew, or soppy commercials, or signs behind trees. No, when Poland needs to know how great Halo 3 is, they go the direct route: they crack out the slutty models. This is Ania. Ania may or may not love Halo 3, we'll never know! But when Polish lads mag CKM called, said they wanted her to frolic with the game, the 360 and its associated peripherals, Ania answered. With gusto. Verve, even. Click through to see just how much verve. But be warned. It's totally, utterly NSFW. Bare flesh, wireless wheel straddling and pointing fish abound!"

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DJ3833d ago

Sony better get some chicks stroking Dual Shocks down their chests if they expect to compete.

caffman3833d ago


Timesplitter143833d ago

I think she's ugly. She looks a bit like female orcs in WoW. Dude if you want porn just try google or 4chan. No need for this in ads... do you think every X360 will come with a girl or what? This doesn't mean anything. We just need to see the games

pshizle3832d ago


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narked3832d ago

advertising just got a weeeeeee bit better.

BrotherNick3833d ago

look at the 10th pic...those are the most crooked boobs I've ever seen.

Skerj3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

I thought I was the only one who thought her boobs looked weird. In any case this is a lame way to advertise something especially for a gamer. It's just feeding off of that lame gamer stereotype that I constantly see debunked. I know they say sex sells but don't make it so blatant. ..and if you do use someone hot.

Capt CHAOS3833d ago

The left nipple appears higher because she has her arm raised and it's pulling the left breast up...



DethWish3833d ago

No actually, I think that is a really lame way to advertise.
Also that it should be forbidden >_>