Battlefield 3 buyer’s guide: which one to get? PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Gamer.Blorge writes, "With the highly anticipated release of Battlefield 3, some gamers are struggling to decide which version of the game to get. To help put things into perspective, we have listed out several factors for each version."

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cpayne932368d ago

If you have a high end gaming pc there is no reason to even consider consoles, unless you have some friends on console you want to play with.

darthv722368d ago

new game to ask about.

Bottom line, you get the version you intend to play against your friends on.

Simple, straight and to the point.

reynod2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Well even mid range PCs are handling the game very well. Even a GTX 260 from 3 years back is playing the game in high @ 1080p settings.

Console gamers thinking a 2000usd PC is required to play the latest games are clearly misinformed and are only holding themselves back. Today a GPU that beats the GTX 260 would barely cost 150usd. BTW GTX 260 is atleast 2-3 times more powerful then PS3 or 360.

Dont think i can call GTX 260 even mid range by todays standards, its more like entry level. Hence an entry level PC today would play BF3 at high settings 1080p 40-50fps.

ATi_Elite2368d ago

I'm getting it for the Atari Jaguar and Turbo GFX-16

darthv722368d ago

I read the supergrafx version will have better lighting/reflections. Besides, the jaguar pad just doesnt seem right.

thebudgetgamer2368d ago

C'mon everyone knows that the vetrex with its overlays is the choice of real gamers.

svoulis2368d ago

@ thebudgetgamer

Just makes sure you play with the lights off. If not you wont get the full effect!

xkarxfreddy2368d ago

If you have a pc which can run it den pc, if not den ur console off choice.

Kran2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I actually wasnt going to get the PC version. In fact I wasnt gonna get any version when it came to it. I was just gonna put it on my christmas list because it was hard to choose which platform of the 3 (one of the downsides of owning a 360, PS3 and gaming PC. lol.) But as time went on, I just went for the PC version. I dont like Origin, but in the end I was just like "fk it" :P

According to tracking, BF3 for me is in Crymlyn Burrows, Swansea.

(The game is out today in the UK, so yeah ;P)

IaMs122367d ago

To be honest you dont need that big of a PC to play this. Most of my settings are on Ultra 1080p no AA x16Antro running great with an HD5770 GPU which is what 120 max now for that card.

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dirkdady992368d ago

This weights cost vs choice etc... if you want to get it for the PC and meet the criteria then definitely PC is the #1 choice, otherwise you have to expect to fork over XYZ dollars. It also looks at what is your second best option in case you can't afford a the upgrade etc..

Bathyj2368d ago

Thats easy.

Buy the guide that corresponds to the platform you bought the game on. ;)

That way you wont get Y's mixed up with Triangles.

thebudgetgamer2368d ago

Get the one that is on the platform you play.

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