Undercover Survey: 50% of Stores ignore ESRB

The East County Youth Coalition, in conjunction with a number of other organizations has conducted an undercover survey to see just how often children can get their hands on adult-oriented videogames and the results are disappointing to say the least. Of over 60 stores nationwide, 46% had no problem putting games like Narc into the hands of eager kiddies. This isn't good.

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Fanboy Slaughter3921d ago

More fodder for the watchdog groups. Of course, managers won't be held responsible, the industry will be.

Is it just me, or are watchdog groups REALLY so bored that they have to do crap like this?


Software are not controlled products, ESRB are not a restricting organ, people just don't get it.

If a minor want to buy GTA, he can, cause ESRB just make guidelines, not rules, so the manager have no right to say to a minor he can't have any game. The problem there in the US is the law, for all I have already read, software don't have real restricting laws in US. ESRB isn't even a governamental organ nor nothing, it's from gaming industry itself (it's on their website)

You guys have seen those four senators that wanr ESRB to review R* game? Yes, those guys are the one to blame, cause instead of making real laws so ESRB or another organ would HAVE to be respected, they let it as guidelines and go witch hunting behind R*... If there would be this laws, AO games would be no problem, just like you don't sell beer to minors, you will not sell AO games.

KidMakeshift3921d ago

Uh Oh, Jack Thompson's "ManBearPig" is real

TheExodus3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Sweet Jesus, you'd think video games were porn or worse. It's not like little Johnny can't buy pot on the school playground at recess. Focus people! If you let your kid walk around with the $60 or $70 dollars in cash it takes to buy a video game these days consider yourself lucky when he comes home with the latest installment of GTA because he could just have easily picked up a couple of doobies & a hooker for an interactive after school special that would have really warped his fragile little mind!

Umbrella Corp3921d ago

Thats because Master Chiefs final fight wont be rated E for Everyone.All the good games are out of a teenagers reach!Do you expect me to play High School Musical 2 The Game?No the ESRB is its my right as a American to decide what I want not some company to do it for me.LOL thats the reaction of me,a adolestent and yet no one cares...

S1nnerman3921d ago

Self regulation is better than statutory legislation. Games are self rated for a reason and it is important that children don't have access to content that is not appropriate for them. I'm not being prudish but the fact is that we don't need some politician banning (certain) games overall because the industry and retailers can't put in place basic self regulatory requirements for protecting kids.

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