EA's Battlefield 3 Ships 10M Units In First Week

In a Gamasutra-attended conference call, EA CEO John Riccitiello announced that the company's major first person shooter Battlefield 3 has shipped more than 10 million units since its launch earlier this week.

He also added that EA has already begun receiving reorders for the game to help replenish stock.

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cyborg2404d ago

massive numbers, Kudos to DICE, and EA

Pacman3212404d ago

Impressive number, it's about to be released here in the uk, 30 minutes to be exact!

malol2404d ago

"EA's Battlefield 3 Ships 10M Units In First Week"

sh!t ...

MAJ0R2404d ago

damn how much did Black Ops sell in it's first week?

C_Menz2404d ago


Couldn't find the exact figures, but for the first day sales...

Black Ops sold 5.6m in it's first day.

Biggest2404d ago

FLOOOOOOOOOOO. . . Wait, what?

EVILDEAD3602404d ago

'damn how much did Black Ops sell in it's first' week?

People are mixing up what they shipped to stores with what was sold through to consumer.

There are alot of Games that have shipped well in anticipation of big sales only to have less than a favorable response to the consumer.

Which is why they reduce the price after a short period of time. Dice will make an announcement of what the game sold.

But, if the Gamestop is an indication then the game flew off the shelves in the US. the first day alone. The stores I frequent were telling me that after the midnight launch they were desperately calling in for restocks to meet the demand.

I was laughing when one of the nearby stores kept calling them trying to steal their copies because they ran out.

Great new for Dice. But we ALL knew that they are going to do big number between all of the platforms.


guitarded772404d ago

O_o WoW... congrats to DICE and EA. Love the game.

SilentNegotiator2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

They've spent at LEAST $100 million on marketing (confirmed amount from earlier this year), but I've seen estimates that they will top a billion. So yeah, the product they spent hundreds of million to a billion dollars on just to popularize (plus the previous fans), and manipulated scores for, sold really well. Go figure.

Congrats, EA! *Beep beep boop*

zeeshan2403d ago

I read somewhere that they had received two million pre orders. But I read that way before the launch. Who knows how much that number grew. I am sure this is a shipped only figure so lets wait for the official numbers.

Heartnet2403d ago

Ships.. not directly related to sales :) there probz close butt.. if u sent 100 copies to each game store around the world then ud ship an awful lot :L

jeseth2403d ago

EA just doesn't know when to stop with hype.

Why not let the "sales" number speak for themselves when they come out. Don't tell us how many you shipped.

I'm sure Insomniac "shipped" a couple million copies of Resistance 3, they "sold" less than 500,000.

Sold to retailers means nothing, sold to consumers shows a games impact.

memots2403d ago

Yay sales !!

To the guy who said they spent 100M on marketing..

How the $#%# would you know how much EA spent. Only the actual Marketing exec over there know this number and they wouldn't be releasing this number to anyone but shareholder.

You guys can keep talking sales extrapolate about nothing ill go back to playing now.

SilentNegotiator2403d ago


EA CEO John Riccitiello: "There will be a couple hundred million dollars of marketing against these two products going head to head. We think we have the better product"

Yeah, how would I know? Oh yeah, EA themselves said it, that's how.

papashango2403d ago

wow 10 million. tony hawk, guitar hero, looks like cod is next

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ATi_Elite2404d ago

See THIS is why those Pre-Order numbers have become so valuable along with a massive Ad campaign cause it causes stores to buy more copies.

EA has now gotten paid for 10 million units of BF3. Now it's up the The Gamers to BUY 10 million units so EA can ship and get paid for another 10 million more.


DaTruth2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Only hitch in that plan is that if stores can't sell all the copies, they can get some money back from the publisher when they're forced to lower the price!

Disclaimer: Not saying this is the case with BF3, just saying that this is standard practice with games when they don't sell what is shipped!

I use to work for a giant soft drink company(you can guess) and they buy back anything the customer can't sell!

Orpheus2404d ago

Most importantly it is not a console port , they have proved that you dont have to make a console port to sell well.... shame on id, crytek, shame

x8002404d ago

And they havent added digital downloads.

EVILDEAD3602404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

wrong place

_Aarix_2403d ago

Kudos to Dice, EA can go screw themselves.

Goozex2403d ago

Also ps3 gets early dlc before 360 and pc!

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Christopher2404d ago

That is 'CoD' impressive. Question is if it will have the legs that CoD has or will it falter once its primary competition hit the shelves?

DarkTower8052404d ago

I'd like to see a platform breakdown for those numbers. But very impressive indeed.

BrunoM2404d ago

i see what u mean but i dont get what knbowing the number for the platforms will chance or matter to the fact that ea ship 10M...

but ya never really played batlefield with out being bad conpany2 but il give it a shot to these game and well even COD

DarkTower8052404d ago

It doesn't have to mean anything Bruno, i'm just curious is all.

BlmThug2403d ago

Xbox 360 will have sold the most between platforms

gamingdroid2403d ago

I'm wondering about that too?

Regardless 10 million shipped is more than any game I can remember in recent time. I think the litmus test is in December when the NPD numbers comes out for November. BF3 would have been on the shelf longer and MW3 would have been released.

Also, the Xbox Live activity will tell you if people are sticking with either game.

It will also be a test for MW3 after the Infinity Ward split up and the Sledgehammer involvement. Very interesting time indeed.

ViperX22403d ago

December NPD numbers probably wouldn't be a fair comparison. A large percentage of sales come from the first week, and BF3's first week is in October.

gamingdroid2403d ago

I should have clarified. I meant if you look at the NPD numbers for November and October together as lifetime number, you will get a very good idea of what is happening.

user8586212404d ago

Great start!! keep the momentum going!

ExPresident2404d ago

Great for DICE. The game is awesome. I'd like a fix for the mics on PS3 but I'm absolutely loving the game. Its awesome.