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Brad, GamerEuphoria writes: "Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to the Playstation hit, Demon Souls. I'll be honest here, you've probably read a review already. Or heard the hype about the difficulty. Well, I decided I didn't want to push out a fast review, I wanted to play this for a month, rather than the usual 'two day review time' that reviewers allocate. Let me just say, I'm glad I did.

You start out alone in a prison cell. You are hollow, or well on your way to becoming so. The prison you are contained in is a prison for the undead, guarded by all. However, you break free from your cell, and make your way outside. Led by visions, you conquer the prisons demon guard and break free to the clifftops, whereby a giant raven carries you to Firelink shrine."

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BuT_TeR2485d ago

Way too many perfect scores nowadays.

SockeyBoy2485d ago

way too many good games coming out :)

Really good review too.

Ser2485d ago

No, it's just that good.

I'd give it a 10.

GamerEuphoria2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Well, just to clarify, this is the first ever 5/5 I've given a game when reviewing. Please feel free to check the site to prove me wrong.

Secondly, it is well worthy of the score. Well worthy. If we scored out of 10 it would of earnt a ten. If it was out of a hundred, then it's a 96/97.

I'm guessing you didn't read the review, as I clearly point out the games faults. It has them, and it has a couple. However, it is THAT good at what it does, that these faults are negligible and the hence the game earnt it's 5/5 mark.

AKS2485d ago

It's tough to overrate a Souls game. They've raised the bar for action RPGs and do most things extremely well. They are easily among the best games I've played this generation. The incredible game world of Dark Souls in particular is an amazing achievement by From.

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maniacmayhem2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

This game is great, but i have some problems with it. Especially when it comes to pvp, that damn "ring of fog" needs to go or get tweaked.

Also the framerate drops a lot in certain areas and because of this it feels my moves are que'd up. So i'm swinging instead of blocking or moving back.

But the game is fantastic. Never have i felt a game that punishes you for being to rash or careless.

Good job

Also i have had problems with the summoning part of the game and invading.

GamerEuphoria2485d ago

With regards to the freezing/lag, I've heard people mention it but in my 60 hours of play (or whatever it may be), it has only lagged in one spot (however, it always lags in this spot). It's the ladder under the Drake bridge leading from the rats room to the undead parish. It always, always lags there.

kingdavid2485d ago

Upcoming patch promises to fix some of these things.

Problem is damn p2p multiplayer. I can hardly ever summon someone. Maybe 1/5 times it will work.

A LIVING LEGEND2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

great game...but nowhere near 5/5....
the co-op/pvp is a broken mockery,it sounds great in theory but in practice is laughable, frustrating,etc.Fog it up,throw in a dash of backstab animation lag,some questionable heavy armor freedom and good night.
static environments and static enemies,frame rate issues.
cool environments,challenging, interesting ideas.
A 3/5 is my score.... Demon Souls the better of the two games.

Drake bridge ladder lag is nothing compared to Blighttown ' molasses',a lag so thick and heavy it corrupts everything....nevermind ladders.

kingdavid2485d ago

Blight town is literally hell.

Apart from that and the multiplayer (and those fking archers in new londo), I dont have any complaints. Thoroughly enjoying the game.


those archers..... poison arrows
3 dps...if it sticks,and it will.then,just wait :)

GamerEuphoria2485d ago

With regards to the PvP/Co-Op. I said in the review it was just an addition in my mind.

The game for me, was a 5/5 just for the SP alone. The MP/Co-op is a bonus that was added on.

At the end of the day, a review (and its score) is an opinion. For me, Dark Souls had an easy 5/5 Singleplayer without the co-op.

kingdavid2483d ago

Id consider the MP to be an integral part of the game. If you're playing offline, id say you're missing out.

ThePistolWhippedDog2485d ago

60hrs ÷ 30 days (month) = 2 hrs per day on an apparent 5/5 game that was actually out on the 4th of October which tells me you played it as hard as a 2/5 but reviewed it different. I've earned the platinum & I'm not impressed at all! The single player aspect was decent but hardly if at all improved from Demon Souls. More free roaming & open? lets just call Firelink Shrine the Nexus from Demon Souls.... you know of what i speak Gandalf. Enjoy fog walls? don't worry we have plenty. Questioning why you took a thief rather than the mindless hack & slash warrior who can cast spells & move as agile as you in heavy armor & also backstab with a club? So am I. You will soon be a thief in Havels armor & soon be a gamer questioning the entire series & doing circles in PVP to line up the overdone backstab. Perhaps you'll join a covenant & wonder why they're broken & lack depth. The game is on rails.... no real side tracking or non-story related quests just fog wall to fog wall fighting bosses i've fought years ago.

maniacmayhem2485d ago

I do agree with the character classes. There's hardly any reason to choose a heavy spell caster especially if someone invades with ring of fog. Makes all spells useless.

Just go with knight, grab some heavy soul arrows and go.

GamerEuphoria2485d ago

The sixty hours is firstly an estimate. Secondly, I've not played it every day. Thirdly, I run my own business. Fourthly, I have a wife and two kids including a new born baby. My apologies if I don't put 5 hour stints in per day. I have other things to do as well :)


if invades without fog then believes 'fog patch' is true...
hopefully patching fog ring, summons, blue eye orb,various parameters on end game weapons,stamina offset in 'heavy' fog mode....,maybe try backstab animation removal...try add damage from behind mechanic.... imminent concerns ahead.Be wary of ignorance