Hitman Hits Theaters, amid abysmal reviews

Hitman, opening today in 2,401 locations across North America, is the latest videogame adaptation to come out of Hollywood, and initial reports on the film based on Eidos' and IO Interactive's silent assassin are overwhelmingly negative. Rotten Tomatoes, a website that collects top film reviews from across the nation, reports that only four of the 32 currently published reviews (at press time) for the film are positive, while Metacritic claims a 34% average score amongst its currently listed reviews.

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Skerj3838d ago

Seriously, what Hitman fan didn't see this coming? I've been a HUGE Hitman fan since the first game and the first time I saw Olyphant's shaved head prancing about as the eponymous Hitman 47 I was like "well that's going to suck". Maybe I should start directing video game movies sheesh.

Charlie26883838d ago

I think the second everybody saw the picture of this dude smiling with that girl the movie was DEAD bound to suck >.>

PS3PCFTW3837d ago

yeah they shouldve cast that guy from crank.......also from those transporter movies.

he wouldve made this movie better.

Fanboy Slaughter3838d ago

I second that. Poorly cast, and the review from my local paper pretty much said it all.

If he's supposed to be incognito, then why the hell is he running around with that GIGANTIC Bar Code tattoo on his chrome dome? The story reeks of the same drivel as every other brainless action movie that's been released in the past decade.

When they were putting this together, they were probably reading "Uwe Boll's Guide to Oscar Worthy Filmmaking".

Step 1: Miscast the ENTIRE movie
Step 2: Take a coherent story, and hand it over to the local County Jail Drunk Tank for review.
Step 3: Upon revision of said script, convince some poor sap studio that this "movie" is worth losing $50+ million on.
Step 4: Make sure there's unnecessary eye candy in the movie and make sure her involvement DIRECTLY contradicts the plot.
Step 5: Release the movie and trash talk anyone who hates it.

Scarfy3837d ago

... when I saw the trailer for this was that Timothy Olyphant (who plays 47) looks too young.

Anyone else think he needed to look 10 or 15 years older..?

Scarfy3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

(withdrawn comment)

Bonsai12143837d ago

i actually thought the movie looked promising...

but it probably turned out to be a mindless action flick eh?

iilluminate3837d ago

Watched trailer on PSN, it didn't give me a good impression about the film.

Main problem is he looks nothing like Hitman.

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The story is too old to be commented.