ArcheAge: The Best MMORPG Ever Made? -

ArcheAge is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG with an open, player driven world. Players are free to create cities, siege castles, create farms and live a second life in a 3D virtual world created with cryengine 3. Daniel Owens from seems to see potential, does he think this could be the best MMORPG ever made?

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zeal0us2460d ago

WAY too early to say that, plus game have yet to be release worldwide and isn't it still in the cbt phase. Hopefully we won't get the Tera/Secret world/blade&soul treatment and be waiting forever for a release date announcement.

jeweetwelwie2459d ago

this game appears to have it all. good cutscenes, deep gameplay, a huge game world,tons of content, a decent, gorgeous looking battle system.... Its certainly an ambitious project...

MMOGames2459d ago

All the pieces are in place, now lets see if it amounts to anything :P