Kinect Sports Season 2 Review -

Many refer this as a sequel, technically it’s not. It’s a new game with improved features. If you haven’t played Kinect Sports, you are definitely missing out! Kinect Sports Season 2 consists of 6 new sports. These 6 new sports have nothing to do with Kinect Sports original 6 sports. In this “season”, we have football, baseball, skiing, darts, golf and tennis.

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EVILDEAD3602604d ago

It's disappointing that 123 Kinect is actually apologizing for American football..WTF??

That's like EA being scared to release Madden,because europeans won't like it.

I actually could see the reviewer make comments like they didn't like the choices of Sports this go around and want Rare to simply add-on to the last game same sports.

Thank GOD the reviewer didn't make this game.

I am so glad that I finally just broke down and bought KS:S2 instead of relying on the reviewers. Last go araound they gave the same scores, but when I actually played the game it was amazing fun. Which is why they were dumbfounded when Kinect Sports is the top selling title.

I read the early review through now and WOW after playing I completely disagree with most of the reviews.

Rare literally pulled it off. They made a FUN arcade avatar experience for every single one of these Sports minis.

This isn't supposed to be a sim, it K. Sports ..just fun pick up full body motion arcade gaming at it's finest.

In every way the game deserved a 8 to 8.5 out of 10 for what Rare and Big Park accomplished from pushing the Kinect experience forward.

Loved every game in it's own right. Heard bad things about Skiing and Football and absolutely loved both.

Thank GOD gamers get to actually play the games and true word of mouth out does anything. IMO Micrsoft isn't even promoting the game outside of Live.

Shame because IMO other than the Bowling, It's its even better than the first game in many ways.