Someone’s Going to Be Playing a Lot of Battlefield 3 Multiplayer

Kotaku - Valeria got more and less than she bargained for in her copy of Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360.

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egidem2404d ago

Not fail, WIN!

When he reaches his max level of 50, he'll just slide in the other disc and keep on going till 100 lol.

BeOneWithTheGun2404d ago

I'd be stoked! Just craigslist the other MP disc for 40 bucks or something and make a lot of your money back.

StanLee2403d ago

The multiplayer is the only part of the game worth a damn. I'm sure someone would be willing to take the second disc off his hands for that $30 and spend the $10 on the online pass. $40 and the $10 for the online pass is a bit too close to retail to make sense.

andrewsqual2403d ago

"Meh whats the problem, just get up off your arse and change to the 2nd disc" Oh wait that bullshit reason, that games on multiple DVDs is okay, doesn't work here. A doiii.

RumbleFish2403d ago

I just like to know what the poor guy with two single player disks said...

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Solid_Snake-2403d ago

not fail. some people only want battlefield for the MP so someone will be happy to buy it for £25.

Raven_Nomad2404d ago

Typical EA. I'm so glad Battlefield 3 isn't lighting up Metacritic or doing as well as expected. Cant stand them.

HardCover2404d ago

So you just sit in your room cursing EA and hoping they fail?

Fun life you live.

Stewie2k82404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

ofcourse not, the rest of his time he praises activision. (im not using this as a way of starting flamebait or something, Raven_Nomad is a CoD fanboy.)

Hockeydud192404d ago

Oh yea EA controls the distribution of their games and monitors every single disc they create. Gtfo

StraightPath2404d ago

I think they are doing pretty fine regrading metacritic...with 91% on the lead version that is PC i am sure its doing well as expected..

Noticeably_FAT2404d ago

Don't go all in with "lead version". Straight up the Xbox 360 version will probably end up under 80 on Metacritic, which is a lot worse then even Bad Company 2.

Traditionally the Modern Warfare branded COD games score very, VERY well.

I think people have to be disappointed with the low console scores, considering Bad Company 2 was so solid.

frostypants2403d ago

What does COD have to do with anything? It's a great single player game. BF3 is a great online game.

RioKing2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

^Actually, cod is both :p

Go ahead, disagree if you want...but that's my opinion. I enjoy both the sp and mp.

As for BF3, I'd say more people would tend to agree that the MP is where the game shines.

Shackdaddy8362404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

You make my troll sensor go off like crazy...

"I'm so glad Battlefield 3 isn't lighting up Metacritic or doing as well as expected."

1. It's got a 91% on metacritic. Your precious CoD:BO that you always talk about had an 87.
2. It had 3 mil preorders. I can't even find a server on xbox right now because the 1000+ are all full. That's called doing better than expectations.

Try harder...

frostyhat1232404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Your basing the reviews for your game off the pc version, while your playing the 360 version. How does that make any sense?

Shackdaddy8362404d ago

OK. I also own the PC version(actually got it early). Same deal with servers on that. I was just basing it on the xbox servers because I just got done playing with my lil bro on 360 and it took us 30 mins just to find a server not full.

Also, most reviewers only did a review for the PC version. That's why there are only 13 reviews on metacritic for 360...

0neShot2404d ago

- @frostyhat123 got you there..ooops

and you're no.2, where did you get that figures from? 3mil? BF3 only had around 2m all platforms..
another...... ooops.

Doesn't really matter coz you're a loving BF fandaddy.

Shackdaddy8362404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

@0neshot - Type "bf3 had 3 million preorders" on google. It's the first link. That would have taken you like 1 sec instead of having me waste my time explaining such a simple task to you. "ooops"

As for the other comment - my response is right above you.

And I'm not a fanboy. I love CoD and MoH too. Fanboys don't like other things - especially the "competition".

However, based on your comments, I can clearly see that you're a troll. Either that or a loser since you're wasting your life commenting on a game that you clearly don't care about...

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chriski3332404d ago

go back to black ops troll tard

Big_Dom2403d ago

Are you thick or what? DICE develop this game, not EA. EA just publish.

DigitalxPiracy2403d ago

BF3 actually has a 91 on Metacritic at the moment. That's the PC version, of course, but it's the only one I care about. So yeah, it's doing quite well.

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solar2404d ago

I am!!! And it's great. Better than i expected.

lumley6662404d ago

this kind of thing has happened too often with 360's multiple discs, i remember buying lost odyssey and got no disc 1 and 2 disc 4's i was not amused lol

SonyStyled2404d ago

i remember reading LA Noire had 2 of the same disc issues as well

lumley6662404d ago

Ye I remember that too, they need to stop paying gold fish to pack the games lol I'm mostly a ps3 gamer so fortunately these issues I don't need to worry about anymore :)

BattleTorn2404d ago

idk why but my MP disc doesn't not say HD-Content.

It says Multiplayer/Co-op. of course I have install the HD-pack.

But it just isn't written in text on my disc. Nor is the 18+ label. Different region i guess (mines Canadian)

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