Classic (And Some Recent) Games You May Have Missed [Trendy Gamers]

While many of us gamers feel we have seen all there is to see when it comes to classic games, there are far more waiting in the wings to be discovered than one might think. Many of these classics are little known but some are extremely well known but not played as much as they should be. These games need to be remembered and played more, so I came up with this group of classics. This is my list of 10 classic games that may have been missed and need to be brought to gamers’ attention. By Jordan of Trendy Gamers.

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MultiConsoleGamer2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

God Hand was underrated

NewMonday2155d ago

I did miss GH, I didn't give it a chance when it came out, fortunately it's going to be on PSN

MultiConsoleGamer2155d ago

Yeah that's great news. I actually lost my copy a few months back. Definitely will play it again now that its on PSN.

-Mika-2155d ago

No it was overrated. That game was extremely repetitive. It might seem cool at first but when you do all of his special moves and get an hour or two into the game. It just gets boring.

Venox20082154d ago

One of the best last gen's games..and one of my favourite games ever.. very funny, tons of moves... platinum games/clover don't disappoint! :) I really recommend this game.. glad they re-released it..

tiffac0082155d ago

Out of all of those only God Hand and Pokemon Snap are the only ones I've missed.

TrendyGamers2154d ago

Wow, good job! I played the demo for Valkyria Chronicles and I'm very curious now.

tiffac0082154d ago

VC is a very good game with a very good story. You should definitely give it a try.

NewMonday2154d ago

VC is a classic game, don't miss it

maniacmayhem2154d ago

God Hand deserves a sequel, just to address and improve upon the design decisions of the first.

L6RD7BLU32154d ago

That guy's mouth in the pic must be hurt'n right now lol