Latest Japanese Hardware Chart

Kotaku reports:

"Go on. Pick your mouths up off the floor. They'll get all dirty, then you'll get sick, and nobody wants to be sick at this time of year. Especially when people ask you how you got sick, and you have to tell them it's because you care too damn much about the Japanese hardware charts and went and freaked out upon seeing that not only had the PS3 beaten the Wii again, but that the PSP had nearly caught the DS. And that's not relying on new colours or a Final Fantasy game. Those are regular, old-fashioned sales".

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Blackmoses3919d ago

but will it last?
I am impressed...very to say the least but it needs to last for it to really mean something.

sonarus3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

edit your title. This is still the second time only the data is from 2 diff sources. 1 from media create and the old 1 with 56,000 is a famitsu estimate. kotaku is showing media create data and the other reports we have been hearing have been famitsu ESTIMATES

kingofps33919d ago

You are wrong.

->PS3 outsells Wii & 360 in Japan, PS3 Dynasty Warriors 6 outsells Mario Galaxy

PlayStation 3 - 56,000
Wii - 35,000

*Second time

-> PS3 Outsells Wii in Japan for a Second Week

PS3: 53,000
Wii: 36,000



sonarus3919d ago

This is common sense king of ps3. IT CAN'T BE 3 WEEKS BECAUSE THE 40GB HASNT BEEN OUT IN JAPAN FOR UP TO 3 WEEKS. You sir are wrong. Your math is flawed and you suck lol. J/p but seriously though 40GB hasnt even been out in Japan for up to 3 weeks. These are sales figures for the same week for 2 diff sources

kingofps33919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

->40GB PS3 sells 50,000 in first day in Japan

There is the math. It sold 50 g in a day, launch day. That is basically the first sales data appearance.

"and you suck lol".

mikeslemonade3919d ago

It looks like Wii will reclaim the week to week sales lead next week unless the PS3 has a game coming out. The PS3 is $150 more, so you can't expect the lead to hold up once the PS3 has no releases. The Wii can sell itself because the system is so cheap. Looks like the DS is losing its touch. It's funny how people rag on Sony when there systems never start tapering off until after 5 years of prime time. We will see the 360 begin to taper off at two years it launched once.

cooke153919d ago

Kingofps3 if you hadn't noticed those aer for the same time period. Ripten posted fake numbers a couple days ago. The numbers aren't released until thursdays. Anything before that is an estimate.

hac-hunter3918d ago

That the ps3 still has a 20GB, 60GB, and 80GB sku's for sale in Japan on top of the 40GB sku. So the 39K or so PS3s sold is not made up entirely of 40GB models. Thus, anyone's argument that these numbers are false because the 40GB has not been out for more than 3 weeks isn't justified.

sonarus3918d ago

the week before the 40gb hit was the week xbox outsold ps3. Famitsu estimates were simply way off. Dynast warriors really helped with a nice sales boost but these games need to be droppin at a more regular pace before the ps3 can take off

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The gap are falling if I remember it right, I think Wii will come up next week... Anyway, props for Sony, we can see that still there is interest in PS3 over Japan, Sony just need more games (which are coming early next year).

This is the second or the third week?

kingofps33919d ago

The answer to your question is in the title itself.

Mercutio3919d ago

I knew it this is what we have been saying these last few weeks, where are the Xbots now? and im a PS360 owner so no bias

ScottEFresh3919d ago

It's true though. Once the good news starts rolling in you don't see any xbots comming in and saying anything except for the few hardcores who'll scream xbox to their death. I have to laugh at the people who compared the PS3 to Dreamcast...Puhhhleasse!

Coffin873919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

yeah that dreamcast comparison almost made me puke ...
if ANY of the 3 next-gen consoles are close to what the dreamcast stands for, it seems likely that this could be the new xbox again .. but i'm just speculating here (based on the fact that sony now OFFICIALLY OWNS BOTH EUROPE AND JAPAN).

kydrice3919d ago

The problem with the Wii is that with such an innovative console it needs extremely innovative games. What's happening right now is that a lot of companies are just releasing quick mini games to cash in quick. This can't last down the years because the gimmick will wear off and it's also bad because the last time this happened the Videogame crash happened. You'll only sell to so many casual gamers until you run out and casual gamers are just that, casual gamers and they don't buy a lot of games. Nintendo is going to start giving attention to their hardcore fans again because it's their hardcore fans who stuck through with them and got them through the N64 and Gamecube. You might sell 15 million in the first year but in the next few years can Nintendo keep it up when Sony starts pulling out their big guns? Sony outsold the Wii thanks to what was it? Dynasty Warriors or Genji? well if Sony can outsell the Wii thanks to a little title like that just imagine when MGS4 and FF13 comes out. The Wii has nothing to counter it. Even Mario Galaxies didn't hold a comfortable spot on the charts.

TruthbeTold3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

But Zack and Wiki has possibly the most innovative controls for the Wii yet, and no one is buying it. Is it because there aren't enough people interested in playing games besides Wii Sports? No. Look at SMG, MP3, RE 4, etc. Nintendo and third party developers aren't advertising. Any time you have alot of new customers, you need to make second, third, fourth contact, etc. Joe Blow who's enjoying Wii Sports and Mario Party with his friends each weekend has no idea that Zack and Wiki exists. And it's a shame.

I do think though that SMG will get alot of the casual and formerly non-gamers used to playing quote, unquote "Real Games". This will be huge for Nintendo. A year or two down the road, it will be Huge for Microsoft and Sony as well. But these guys need to start advertising. Nintendo is the only one of the three at this time that is in a position to make profit, and they've been doing so for a year. They need to do right and start promoting their products better. The first T.V. ad I've seen for Nintendo that wasn't on the internet I saw recently, and it was for SMG... Unbelieveable...

P.S. Contrary to popular belief, it is Super Smash Brawl that was and is the most anticipated game for the Wii. People all across the spectrum want that game badly, and not just Nintendo fans. It should do well alongside MGS4 and the others. About FFXIII, for some reason I don't think that we'll see that one next year unless it's like December. God of War 3 is going to sell ALOT of consoles though, among others.

coolfool3919d ago

The people who play Xbox 360 and PS3 are the "real gamers", I mean they are more likely to be the gaming enthusiasts. These are the people that will keep an eye on what is coming out by actively reading magazines or going on the net etc. But Nintendo have catered to a different market, the casual gamer market. These are the people that won't actively research what is coming out because gaming for them is just a casual thing.

Hence, advertising is a *must* to reach these people.