Gameplay Glimpse: PixelJunk SideScroller

Chris from shows off some of Q-Games latest PixelJunk product. Including some of the unlocked visual filters and the "brutal" difficulty mode.

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Cobra12236d ago

Pixel Junk games are always good. I'll have to try this one too.

Szarky2236d ago

Well if you played Shooter 1 & 2 this seems like it's identical with a skin change.

kassatsu2236d ago

Plays nothing like them. You dont have free reign to do what you please, like in shooter and shooter2

Szarky2236d ago

So it's an arcade version of Shotter 1 & 2 basically.

kassatsu2235d ago

Yea if you have ever played gradius / lifeforce / r-type... it is that kind of game

MGO_Count2236d ago

I have to get this game. I agree that Pixel Junk games are awfully good.
I'll get this after buying Hardboiled Chicken.