Nintendo Wii and DS 'Have Lost All Momentum' as Blue Ocean Strategy Stops Working

Nintendo, according to some, needs to "drastically" alter its strategy. Wedbush Securities has now weighed in, and analyst Michael Pachter asserts that Nintendo's "Blue Ocean" strategy is simply "no longer working."

The mid-term financial loss and first ever projected annual loss serve to prove that "the Wii and DS have lost all momentum, and sales of the 3DS are not making up the gap," Pachter noted.

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darthv722309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

DS loss of momentum has shifted to 3ds gain. The trade off if you will. Typical of new hardware to old. Generally once the old has reached a tipping point, it shifts to the new. That is how it remains in balance.

3ds is selling in place of the ds losses. It is pretty easy to see that. Cant really explain the wii except there is nothing to replace it. Not yet at least. It still continues to sell however. It isnt like all of a sudden tomorrow not a single unit in the world is purchased.

It could also be ascertained that 3ds is selling in place of the wii as well. Yes that would seem odd. A handheld selling units to make up for a consoles loss but it has happened. Be it console or portable, if a unit sells it contributes to the overall picture.

Hicken2309d ago

"the Wii and DS have lost all momentum, and sales of the 3DS are not making up the gap,"

The 3DS is not selling nearly enough to make up for how much the DS systems have dropped off. And it would be insane for it to both pick up the DS slack, AND the slack of declining Wii sales.

StraightPath2309d ago

The whole world ( an exaggeration, but an indication on how much they both sold ) got an Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS of course the sales now will stagnate..What do they expect it to continue selling like before? Nintendo is moving onto Wii U and trying to focus on making the 3DS great.

Wii is on its last legs, with Skyward Sword coming ( before that Xenoblade an great RPG ) out we can safely say that is the finale for the Wii.

It would be even nicer if overseas games like Last Story closed the deal...

ozstar2309d ago

Exactly, they've announced the WII 2 (U) over a year before release, and all devs are working on ports, or original games, for the Wii U launch next year.

Pachter is a horrible person, wheres all his doomsayer comments about 3DS console sales, and the death of handhelds?

Pintheshadows2309d ago

This was bound to happen sooner or later due to the sheer number of people who own Wii's and DS's.

GunofthePatriots2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

maybe they should carefully think about what they do instead of releasing a system with a faulty design and a less than stellar launch library ahem3dsahem

darthv722309d ago

last i read, the 3ds is selling quite nicely.

XFON2309d ago

i guess that's why they had to slash almost $100 off the original price tag.

nikoado2309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

Do we have any information on if they are selling the 3DS at a loss now?

I know Nintendo never sell hardware at a loss but that is a hefty price cut. It would be difficult to reduce manufacturing costs enough so quickly to cover that drop in selling price.

I'm sure the sales of 3DS software and accessories are still putting them in the black though.

darthv722309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

hey, you do what you got to do. It just shows that price is key. Hell even sony cut $100 off the ps3 8mos after launch. 360 got a price cut at some point as well.

It helps when the price is at a point where people can afford. It doent reflect as being bad to the consumer. So why is them cutting $80 that big of a deal in helping to sell units?

Yeah sony has nothing to do with my original statement but you cant use one point of argument without being fair. In either case, the consumer was the winner so no harm no foul. I got my 80gb ps3 when the price was cut. Does that make me less of a gamer cause I didnt pay full retail?

It shouldnt matter what we pay the point is we are all part of this entertainment medium as a whole.

user8586212309d ago (Edited 2309d ago )

well its pretty obvious the momentum shifted from the DS to the 3DS and hell a think everyone practically owns a DS now, the wii has sold pretty damn well but its time to move onto next gen with nintendo


faulty designs would be *cough* ylod and *cough* dead pixels *cough* faulty drives *cough* leapyearbug

ohh god just read that the analyst is micheal pachter -_-' move on people nothing to see here...

Capt-FuzzyPants2309d ago

You forgot RROD. I'd think that would be mentioned as it is far more frequent and happens to just about everyone I know at least 2 times.

cpayne932309d ago

First time I even saw a 360 it got the RROD. Went over to a friends house, so excited to play Halo 3, turned it on and BAM! My friend screamed, you would have thought we were all gonna die or something.

maniacmayhem2309d ago

The Wii was the surprise hit console that kicked the ps3/360's a#$. But lack of third party support, over abundance of shovelware and just the fun factor of waggle wearing thin has awakened the Wii user base.

Here's hoping the WiiU returns the glory of the BIG N to its old SNES status.

theaceh2309d ago

IDK, Things are not looking good for nintendo. Even kids are embarrassed to say they own a wii. I think we will be playing Mario and Zelda on a PS/XBox console sooner than we think.

ronin4life2309d ago

Kids, in an effort to appear more mature (some adults, too) have kind of always distanced themselves from Nintendo once they hit a certain age.
And if Nintendo ever did crash, you can bet it will be pretty nasty, and the only thing coming out of them will be Mario. Remember Sega?

AWBrawler2309d ago

Right cos none of my nephews or younger cousins like Mario and Kirby and Nintendo games. /sarcasm

Kids aren't embarrassed of Nintendo, if they are, how did pokémon black/white break 1 million on day one? How is 3DS already approaching 7 million? Why OS Mario and Sonic Olympics selling like crack in the projects? Why is Mario kart at 20 million before it became a pack in?

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