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Submitted by Aclay 1566d ago | news

Team Meat reconciles with Microsoft

Develop: "Team Meat has reconciled its differences with Microsoft and will now be releasing new free content for Super Meat Boy on the XBLA, a studio co-founder has said.

The news comes after he stated last month that Team Meat would not work with Microsoft “ever again”, after the console giant allegedly refused to cut the game price or give it any kind of promotion after release." (Microsoft, Team Meat, Xbox 360)

TheBlackMask  +   1566d ago
Way to stand up for what you believe in

Not just a big bag of money

They'll treat them like shit again but money will keep them occupied
from the beach  +   1566d ago
Yi-Long  +   1566d ago
Funny... a developer stands up for it's consumers...
... for wanting to be able to sell it at a lower price...

... plus all their DLC has been free (and great) so for...

... and we get gamers moaning about them(!!!)

Strange world this has become.
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GameOn  +   1566d ago
PixL  +   1566d ago
I don't respect them now.
MWH  +   1566d ago
because they decided they need to earn for living? so easy to judge.
KingOfArcadia  +   1566d ago
I didn't have a lot of respect for them when they were playing the sob story card, and I now have a lot less for them after this.
AriesSiren  +   1566d ago
im glad they called out MS. they are too restrictive and team meat spoke up. good for them.
SockeyBoy  +   1566d ago
Have I been living under a rock or something? When the f**k did this happen? MS you bunch of pricks, there not going to get respect if they keep this sh!t up. I wish TM would have stuck to their guns. Seems like someone needs a wake up call.
maniacmayhem  +   1566d ago
As suspected. Something always felt funny about Team Meat's story about MS.

Anyways here's another article and dev that's releasing free dlc on xbla. I thought MS didn't allow free dlc?
Agent_hitman  +   1566d ago
Cannot be reconcile with wisdom, justice and love..
Tres21  +   1566d ago
yea dats bull ish how dey get what dey want & gamers win & dey just gonna fall 4 dat down wit gamers winnin...well tech if u ever gamed on a ms system ur not a real gamer & dont deserve 2 get nuthin ne ways its yo own fault

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