Battlefield 3 – Incoming Fixes and Patch Confirmed

Two days after it’s launch, It looks like fixes for Battlefield 3 are already in the works.

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john22486d ago

Nice, looking forward to a changelog

DasBunker2486d ago

i wouldnt expect any less... its the least devs can do when they release a game thats not always working properly or needs improvement in some areas.. some devs dont even do this..

zeeshan2485d ago

They neeeed to fix the damn ps3 voice chat. I cam hardle understand my friends. Also, EA servers go down pretty often and that sucks.

bunfighterii2486d ago

I've noticed I can't 'cook' grenades. Is this deliberate? Anyone else got this problem?

Mister_V2486d ago

Yes this is deliberate, but could change if enough fans request it most likely.

Criminal2486d ago

I don't think it's big deal, but I'd rather be able to cook.

PeZuS2486d ago

Then get back to the kitchen!

nitrogav2486d ago

Wouldn`t do it in the beta either , thought it was just down to the beta . We should be able to cook grenades , surely ? .

bunfighterii2486d ago

I would have thought so. It seems like an odd design choice given it's an ability in every other modern military shooter, including BF2, Bad Company and Bad Company 2.

0neShot2486d ago

Not only you can't cook but you can't really have full control of the grenade, including distance and direction, aiming and even bounce.

This is simply poor implementation.

Shackdaddy8362486d ago

I hope for your life that you never join the military. No one cooks off a grenade in the military. It's too easy to slip up and die. Think about it. You have a live grenade in your hand. Would you wait until the last second to throw it or throw it immediately? I'll admit that when I was in the military, I cooked off a grenade once. But most of the time I just want to get rid of it (especially because I have had my fair share of slip-ups where I would be dead if I had cooked-off)

So it's actually better if they don't have that implementation in the game.

Bounce works if you throw at a wall but it instantly stops when touching the ground so I guess I can agree with that...

I have no clue what you mean about aiming. If you throw at a 45 degree angle then it will be thrown farther than at a 10 degree...

WorldGamer2486d ago

Shack.... I would agree with you about the realism of the scenario you put forth. But I think that in a game it would be cool to be able to cook the grenades.

That being said, I think we can all agree that the overall experience is awesome. Love this game.

ambientFLIER2486d ago

Does anyone else think that grenades with a silly flashing light on them are...well...silly?

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Criminal2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

On day one, it was unplayable on the 360. Servers were down half of the time. Since yesterday things have picked up in terms of stability, but there are still some minor problems to iron out.

Mister_V2486d ago

Any one notice sensitivity issues on the 360? So far so good for me.

wicko2486d ago

Definitely noticed on PS3 (it has been there since the beta) when iron sighting. Sensitivity is too high and I end up over-shooting my target.

grailly2486d ago

it feels more like input lag to me, still, I'm also overshooting my targets, and can't snipe at all

C_Menz2486d ago

I am hoping that they fix the Punkbuster problem with certain servers kicking you due to lazy admins not updating.

Be nice if they would tweak stingers, mortars, MAV, and SOFLAM too.

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