Origin Activation Down Leaving Players Unable to Play BF3

Botchweed: "Problems continue with as Battlefield 3′s global launch continues tonight with the release of the game in Europe."

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TheStee2239d ago

I can't authenticate my copy for online play, this is weak. Really weak.

malol2239d ago

just keep on refreshing the damn thing it'll work eventually
at least thats what happened to me

manicfoot2239d ago

This sucks, but unfortunately it doesn't come as a surprise to me at all. Let's hope EA fix the problem soon.

EddyD2239d ago

Any luck getting it back yet anyone?

Saladfax2239d ago

I continually wonder how this company functions when just about everything they do is or has elements of horrid quality.

EddyD2239d ago

You would have thought someone would have researched how to do it really before just trying it out with 0 clue about how it should work.

KonGreat2239d ago

Wow, this whole online pass thing just seem to fail hardcore, first batman and now this.

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