David Jaffe Clarifies His Eurogamer Uncharted 3 Review Comments

Much has been made among gamers, as well as the games media, regarding Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception review from Eurogamer. It received an 8/10 with the review’s content itself justifying the score accordingly. However, the score alone – unforunately – caused an outrage as being ‘controversial’ and God of War creator, David Jaffe, even offered a long piece delivering his thoughts on the review. He’s now further clarified his comments on his recent article.

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sphinct2402d ago

It was a fair review. Uncharted 3 seems to be a great game in many ways, but if it is as scripted as U2 then it does lose some appeal to certain gamers that prefer control to spectacle.

SoapShoes2402d ago

Oh so I guess we start reviewing on what appeals to what now? I guess any big budget game, Modern Warfare 3 for example, should get a 7/10 with a warning that if you play games like angry birds it won't appeal to you? That makes no sense and I'm not saying the review was wrong but that whole logic is flawed.

BrutallyBlunt2402d ago

It's ok David Jaffe, there's no need in apologizing on behalf of the Sony fanboys out there. It's not like this is the first time they have reacted that way.

People need to start respecting reviews as they are, an opinion piece of ones own experience. An 8 is also far from average at Eurogamer anyways.

MaxXAttaxX2402d ago


@ sphinct

David Jaffe just said he found it "refreshing". Not that he agreed that score and critique were right.

miyamoto2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

but who was born yesterday here in N4G?

Its all about business and hits for Eurogamer.

Even IGN's is about hits, clicks and sales.
Reviews has now become a product that needs to be sold. Before they publish a review these busuness men plan it like it was product that needs to sell.
Reviews and scores are not free anymore. They command a price now from the highest bidder.

Like the weather, we are now in an IT era where you can predict the value of a game even without playing it and the scores & reviews these bloggers will give.

This bloggers has become as predictable as their victims.

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MsclMexican2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Ok Jaffe... when they give twisted metal a 6 just because your story was not good enough and its to linear, but every reviewer who reviewed TM praised the multiplayer that is clearly the focus on the game... don't complain....

call it refreshing

Im not hating on Jaffe, just really annoyed at this trend Eurogamer has for rating PS3 titles low based on criteria that should not even exist for a game

Hicken2402d ago

I really don't think anybody would have a problem with the review or his response if the former didn't come off as so... random. Downgrading a game for doing the things its predecessor was praised for?

Jaffe's heart was in the right place: I can completely agree with his desire to see reviews that are critical yet still positive. The problem with him speaking up on this one is that the review, itself, doesn't really make any sense.

Bereaver2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Well, how could twisted metal have a story as good as uncharted?

How could twisted metal be any less linear than uncharted?

shodaime2402d ago

UC 3 will be the game of the year, this game deserve out 10/10

gamingdroid2402d ago

lol... that is a matter of opinion! :P

Joke aside, as far as I can tell UC3 looks to be a great game especially the single player portion. MP was average, but polished.

rob60212402d ago

If U3's multi-player is 'average', what's better to you and why?

gamingdroid2402d ago

I think it is important to stress it is my opinion.

That said, I prefer Gears of War 3 to any other multi-player game I have ever played in the shooter genre. It is exceedingly easy to get in, has very polished controls, doesn't have overly complex mechanics and is overall very fun experience.

That is apart from all the obligatory "things" required to get MP right, such as polish, balance and so on.

How about you?

Boody-Bandit2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Are you saying you feel Gears 3 is balanced?
Just asking because I feel, at least from the first couple weeks I played it, haven't played it since Forza 4 was released, that Gears 3 needs balancing tweaks and refinements.

More on topic:
I don't feel Jaffe needs to clarify anything. Yes reviews are an opinion but only to a point. Games are more a product than just a source of entertainment, say as example a movie.

The problem I have with reviewers is when they go on about what they wish the games had or what they feel it needs instead of focusing on what the developer did with this particular title and their vision of the game.

The Uncharted series is a very ambitious game and done well on so many levels. Everything about the game is done at such a high level. Why not focus on that instead of nitpicking things you would have liked to have seen or question the decisions that were made if the ones they did include were done so well?

It just seems to me that reviews do not set the same standard for all game developers and set unrealistic standards for some. Giving some a pass on certain game designs while picking apart others for the slightest of reasons.

I wish game reviews had to follow a similar protcol like developers do with the ESRB system. Maybe that's not the best example but this whole it's the reviewers opinion, blah, blah, blah, is weak. All people harbor bias to some degree whether it's pro or con and without a standard formula they are free to do what ever they want to these developers, especially companies like Naught Dog that obviously put a ton of effort into their craft.

Companies like them deserve praise for not slapping the next number up and putting as minimal effort and money as they can into their products, some great marketing, and simply following a similar pattern that so many other devs and publisher do today.

rob60212402d ago

@gamingdroid I'm really liking the UC3 multiplayer, very deep, faster paced than UC2, and there's a lot of climbing.

In my opinion, Gears 3 is solid, but movement seems clunkier/slower than UC3. I'm loving the ability to throw grenades back. I really think UC3 has a chance at growing through word of mouth. It's certainly not average. It's also, the prettiest game out there - remember CoD4 caught on largely because of visuals.

gamingdroid2402d ago

For me UC3 felt very clunky to move around and shoot. The climbing was definitely interesting, but it felt average to me.

In terms of Gears 3, some do complain that it felt clunky, but I think it is more to do with the slower pace of the game. It's not a run and gun like CoD, where it is all about reaction time. It's the one game I see the most "team effort" of the MPs I played. You still get your fair share of idiots though.

There have been a lot of complaints about the sawed off, but beyond that it is pretty balanced. If you felt it was unbalanced, it was probably due to the team. You win or loose more dependent on your team/map location than the weapons.

MaxXAttaxX2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

Things that are usually praised, such as a balanced MP and the platforming, are average to you.

IMO, the gameplay is pretty dynamic and it doesn't feel like they made any sacrifices to have more elements on it because everything from the shooting to climbing and melee are solid. It's more vertical and less like "whack-a-mole"; it doesn't take itself as seriously and is fun :)

darkside20112402d ago

An xbox fanboy attacking ps3 game while love an xbox game ...hmmm shocking ???

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BlackSharinganX2402d ago

Uncahrted 3 Complex controls not easy to get into it? not balanced unlike gears of war 3?

Complex controls for beginners gears of war 3 youll find that way hard at first.

Since U3 takes the COD scheme control as much as i hate COD they got the controls right when it comes to shooters , which is easy for anyone to get into.

Balance issues i LOL so hard at that, cause gears of war 3 pretty much runs primarily with shotguns not even having to aim with it, and now with the new mini shotgun is ruining the game even more. U3 pretty much has very balanced guns in comparison to many games ive played.

GEars of war 3 is the one that needs a bit of polish in the balancing department

U3 is pretty much from what ive played a well polished games in all areas saying this because im a gamer since sega times, and uncharted 2 shined in all aspects from SP to coop to Multi, and U3 is bringing it to the top much more, which is my belief of a complete game with such quality that keeps you in that chair and play the game it deserves a well 10, at least on my eyes.

psb2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

I find it outright scary that so many people had a fit over Eurogamer giving Uncharted 3 an 8. I mean come the fu^^ing on, really?

snake0002402d ago

I find it scary that you're unable to differentiate between people having a fit over the score and people having a fit over the fact that EUROGAMER decided to use criteria against Uncharted 3 that is not used against other games. When their criteria suddenly changes and they judge the game on the merit that it feels like linear cinema or that it does nothing new, it brings up the question of whether they are being objective. Objectivity is of course preferred when readers are reading such reviews.

gamingdroid2402d ago

I think it is because Uncharted 2 were applauded for those very same qualities. The impact of that is now diminished.

It's kind of like Bioshock 2, I love the first one and the second one had far better game play, but now that I experienced the world, the game didn't have the same appeal.

Overall, Bioshock 2 was a better game, but the impact wasn't as good. More of the same... and haven't we heard that in most reviews over and over.

Either way it is an opinion, other games have had controversial scores, so why should this score be treated any differently?

Overall, the game so far has received critical acclaim so what is the deal if anyone has a different opinion.

snake0002402d ago

So now impact is part of gaming criteria? The 'impact' of sports games has been gone for years, arguably decades. We know we are going to be in the role of a famous sports figure on a famous sports team. That impact is long gone. The only 'impact' I see now from that genre relate to modes such as the Jordan mode. However, for the most part, the impact is gone. The same applies to shooters such as call of duty. The impact is gone. However, the impact of a series like Uncharted is NOT gone because it is not a yearly rehash. Each game is worked on for YEARS. The impact does not come in terms of revolutionizing gameplay; it comes in terms of the finesse and polish that each game brings. I am unable to name any developers that are able to make their product that much more polished than Naughty Dog is able to do with relation to the Uncharted series. For me, the impact comes from seeing the hard work and polish each installment brings.

rob60212402d ago

I always thought the biggest strength to bioshock was its Setting, after that wore off, all you had was an average overrated game.

Silly gameAr2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

It's not like people aren't used to the way Eurogamer works. Shouldn't be a surprise. I know I wasn't surprised with their score or the review.

snake0002402d ago

I agree. Even if, somehow and someway, Eurogamer is not biased against PS3 exclusives, the fact still remains that they give off that perception. It may be true that they are indeed objective towards all gaming systems and companies. However, the fact that such a perception exists and they STILL subject Uncharted3 to such biased criteria does NOT do them any favors. It only reinforces what others think of them. Why use such criteria when a ps3 exclusive comes out for review? Why not choose an objective date if you want to revamp your criteria? Why not speak of it in advance instead of unfairly subjecting a game to it?

matgrowcott2402d ago

It is stupid the controversy that has popped up around this one review. That one review isn't the issue at all, but rather every other review on Eurogamer (and, to a certain extent, the wider web).

Giving Uncharted 3 an 8 is only fair if you judge other games by a similar scale. As an example at one of the sites I work for, I checked out their LIMBO review and they gave it 9/10.

Now I imagine LIMBO is as linear (if not more so), it's a great deal shorter and arguably contains less value for money, but scores higher. Something there isn't right.

ElementX2402d ago

I don't see why people even pay attentino to Jaffe

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