8bitfix: Desperate times for Nintendo

8bitfix writes: It all started with the decline in the Wii's sales. At one point, the Wii was the hottest item for any family to own, and now the company struggles for positive attention.

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DasBunker2484d ago

i think theyll do pretty good with the wiiu.. since it looks like a tablet it will appeal more to the masses like the wii did.. it will be "cool" to have one even if you arent a gamer..

cpayne932484d ago

I dunno... You can't take the controller with you, and it isn't quite the same new experience the wii was. Some people might be turned off by the name.

DasBunker2484d ago


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ronin4life2484d ago

That was just plain awful.
Nintendo is doing fine. They could be better, but they certainly aren't in as much trouble as you are trying to say.

optimus2484d ago

As troubled as nintendo is right now they have to realize that times have changed. As innovative as the wiiu seems it will have to have a good pricepoint to be competitive. The tablet controller itself is undoubtedly an expensive accessory. I could imagine parents wouldn't buy something that their kids will probably break within the month...on the other hand, I can see older gamers buying into a webbrowsing controller that you can play it's games remotely...(Please don't bring up the psp).

Main_Street_Saint2484d ago

I think these Nintendo is doomed/in big trouble seems to be a dime a dozen. Why no love for the big 'N?'

optimus2484d ago

...because it seems like they've given up trying to be creative. they just seem to rehash their old characters as appose to making new ones. and they don't seem to support the new ones that made a name for themselves like viewtiful joe. i would have liked to support nintendo if they gave me more than 2 reasons to do so, (sorry but mario and zelda just aren't going to cut it for me anymore). that's why the last nintendo system i bought was a nintendo 64.

Main_Street_Saint2482d ago

I think we will see something here in the near future. But I know that isn't soon enough for a lot of people. What I think they need to do is to advertise the Wii-ware service... it could have the potential to introduce future IP's.