Gematsu Review: Batman: Arkham City

Gematsu: "Batman: Arkham City perpetually straddles a thin line between consistency and complacency. On one side of that line—particularly to those who are looking to don the grey suit a for a second time—Rocksteady’s sequel might feel all-too-familiar. On the other, however, lies a game that retains the magic of its prior, whilst injecting just enough as to keep things fresh and, more importantly, fun."

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JewelTheif2335d ago

Very well written review!

Vegivo2335d ago

one of the best batman games to ever be made!

GameTavern2335d ago

Well, I mean that's not necessarily HIGH praise in this case.

I mean there's Arkham Asylum and then there's a huge gap in quality.

GameTavern2335d ago

A solid review. Seems to nail all the ups and downs of the sequel.