Modern Warfare 3 Golden Camo and New Prestige Emblem Revealed

Update: Aside from the revelation of Weapon proficiencies, Infinity Ward's new clip also pave way to the confirmation of a gold camouflage and its next possible prestige emblem for veteran players.

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linaavec2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

It would be cool to know if there are other golden weapons on the game, aside from AA-12.

Zancruz2486d ago

I know all the primary weapons has Gold Camo, Which is only unlocked when the weapon itself is totally mastered. There's talk that the secondary weapons also has Gold Camo do to the fact that they now have Camo themselves....

GamingManiac2486d ago

Every single weapon in the game has golden camo, just need to max it out :D

GraveLord2485d ago

Golden Camo? For the player?