Editorial - Scripted events are killing the gaming experience

DSOGaming writes: "Oh boy, here we go again with the scripted events. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it before that those dreadful scripted events, which are included in most modern-day titles, are killing the whole gaming experience. There is a lot of argue about it, and to be honest, both sides are right. On one hand, scripted events give a cinematic feel, a more intense – albeit ‘fake’ – experience that could not be achieved with any other way. On the other hand, however, these same scripted events are hurting the dynamic nature of the games. Games are transforming into movies, meaning that the players are simply attending instead of actually playing them."

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Criminal2483d ago

It depends on the execution of the scripted events. Uncharted 2 had smooth transition to the events which didn't take away from the experience.

DasBunker2483d ago

yeah the magic in incharted is most of the time you dont see'em coming..while in most games theres like a different camera angle and takes like 2 seconds for it to happen.. by then you already know whats coming..

pangitkqb2483d ago

Scripted events wrest control for the gamer. If it happens a few times at major moments, i'm okay with it.

If half the damn game depends on it - sorry Cod, Uncharted 2/3, and now Battlefield - it's not my cup of tea.

t0mmyb0y2483d ago

@ pangitkqb I can't figure out what wrest means

t0mmyb0y2483d ago

Agreed. If it's done right it's nice.

Neckbear2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Though Uncharted 2 still suffered from the "all movement is halted while the event occurs", and it was so reliant on those any subsequent playthrough felt like rewatching a very basic movie- just the same thing over and over, with no variation. The article nailed it in the last line- "And while you are at it, give us some games instead of those interactive movies!".

bnaked2483d ago

"Scripted events are killing the gaming experience"

That's a joke, right? I've played Uncharted 2 and Half Life 2.

gamingdroid2483d ago

I think the correct way of putting it is, "poorly scripted events" is killing the industry.

Watching that video I cringed, because that is how my experience was:

That is sooo poorly done... and it is one of many in BF3 campaign.

thor2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

I'm not sure that what that video depicts is properly called a scripted event. That's called a bug, unless the developers intended you to always die and restart at that spot in that way. A scripted event always occurs the same way no matter what you do, and occurs in the way the developers intended.

smashcrashbash2483d ago

Exactly. In UC2 the events blended seamlessly with the gameplay. The sequence with the building falling forced you jump at the right moment before you fell and died and flowed right into the next level. Unlike other games whose scripted events boil down too 'stand on this spot to get blown up and almost die' or 'ride in this tank until we find an excuse to put you back on foot' or 'move this cupboard to go through the secret entrance'. In UC2 if you slacked off in any of the scripted events, you would die. If you didn't dodge the snow creature he would beat you senseless. If you didn't jump the gap when the building fell, you plummeted to your doom. If you didn't outrun the jeep, you get run down. Some scripted events are clumsily and poorly done. Those need to go.

gamingdroid2483d ago

It is a failed scripted event, as you are supposed to be grabbed buy that enemy no matter what, not die on the spot. A failed scripted event can be attributed to a bug... either way it was poorly executed.

This game is riddled with bugs. There were a few times when I ran into an area through a door, but then I couldn't get out through the same door. In one instance, I got stuck!

thor2482d ago


Yeah I know the game is riddled with bugs. We were playing it at work today (instead of working lol) and it managed to crash twice within half an hour, AND we spent 5 minutes trying to shoot a sniper who can kill you, after which realizing he is only mortal once you complete the scripted event of picking up a rocket launcher.

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john22483d ago

There is a line between using scripted events and overusing them. Most games have crossed it and rely entirely on scripted events. CoD, BF3 and Homefront are some of those (and there are even more, not those three)


"That's a joke, right? I've played Uncharted 2 and Half Life 2."

what were the scripted events in half life 2 ? Not saying your wrong or anything, I have not played it since orange box released, but to my memory I don't remeber any... unless your thinking of the bits were you are in the lab talking with the npc's ?

just asking to jog my memory.

t0mmyb0y2483d ago

Most of their scripts have something to do with walking to a certain point and a piece of wall moving or some guys come out.


thanks, now you have said that, yes it's coming back to me now.

although, I don't think they were half as bad as it's getting now, but yes I think i remember a few now.


SnakeCQC2483d ago

i think it adds to the immersion

kcuthbertson2483d ago

Why? Because one game does a somewhat poor job at executing them?

No. Scripted events are's one of the best ways to give games those jaw dropping moments that don't happen during regular gameplay.

The only poorly scripted events in BF3 are the one's where if you don't do exactly what you're supposed to you magically die. It'd be fine if it said "MISSION FAILED: You were spotted" But noooo..You just drop dead as if you had a heart attack.

kaveti66162483d ago

"it's one of the best ways to give games those jaw dropping moments that don't happen during regular gameplay."

your idea of a scripted event is not the same as the writer's idea.

A scripted event that takes control away from the player sucks. Scripted events in many games are becoming like cutscenes.

A scripted event that seems to occur naturally but was actually triggered by the player reaching a certain point is fine, but only when the player still has control of the character and can react however he wants to the situation.

Random scripted events might even be better. Or if the developers took the time to make the AI even more creatively responsive to the player's presence, that would eliminate the need to have cutscene-type scripted events.

john22483d ago

Precisely that. You nailed it kaveti

ronin4life2483d ago

I think it depends on the person, and obviously, the type of game you are trying to make.
In most games, I couldn't care less about how immersed I am. I just like to play well designed, fun games. But that isn't always the case, so like I said, it all depends.

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