Guitar Hero III - "Led Zeppelin Can Bite Me"

Gameplayer and Official PlayStation Magazine writer has taken aim at Led Zeppelin's refusal to appear in Guitar Hero III, pointing out their double standards.

"The big green ogre gets Immigrant Song, and the rest of us get shafted."

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The BS Police3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Try getting other bands like Def Leppard, and The Cars.

I hear enough of Led Zeppelin and AC/DC on the radio, get some more variety in those games.

Hell, Elliot Easton from The Cars aswell as all of the guitarests from Def Leppard (both the present and the former) are underrated.

DJ3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

anyone thinking they can play 'guitar' as good as him.

guitarfanboy3956d ago

But they would of had to add fourteen more colored buttons on the guitar. Also, they told the developers they could have access to all of the music the band has released, so it wasn't about money.

B Man3956d ago

In guitar hero you can't play the guitar with a Violin bow.. so you can't really feel like you are playing the guitar for led zeppelin. ;)

predator3956d ago

get beat it, give into me and black and white, how much fun would it be doing the tracks from MJ

myxomatosis3956d ago

I'm a musician, not a terrific one but I've played a gig or two here and there. Ive also played guitar hero 2 a few times and its a nifty game. How ever I think its getting pretty silly with the kids on you-tube acting like they are rock stars because they can play dragon force 5 stars on expert, or espicially the "classified" section on Harmonix website (its just kind of pathetic).

a game is a game, met to be played for fun, not to try and perfect it because it really doesnt get you anywhere and if most of those kids spent the time they played rock band and sh!t on playing a real instrument or getting to gether in a real band then all the better. Jimmy Page prob thinks " man those kids with interest in rock could be playing an actual guitar..." as a guitarist he probably doesnt want to promote that distraction a real instrument.

predator3956d ago

r u having a dig at slash there, IMO hes one of the best out there

myxomatosis3956d ago

slash IS great. he is amazing at phrasing his solos... love it. I'm just saying i understand where Jimmy Page is coming from. I dont think people should freak out if he doesnt want his music on a video game for kids. I also think its fine if an artist wants to put their songs on a game for some of their fans to enjoy. Maybe Page also things if his fans want to play his songs, then let them play it on a real guitar where they can actually aquire a skill and maybe do something with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.