Broken Rock Band Instrument Rate Extremely High

For the most part it's the guitars having their necks falling off and for others the strumming wears out after a couple hours on hard songs. Some have even reported their drums being busted in pieces.

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aiphanes3956d ago

After reading the forums people are having serious issues with the instruments....


Same here... Also the total undertake on the bass lines keep me away from this... Even Guitar Hero gives it more attention (and it is called "Guitar" Hero).

Omegasyde3956d ago

After reading about all the problems with Rockband, I am glad I waited. I was originally going to pick up guitar hero 3 but I thought I would wait on the proposed goodness that many review sites said that Rock Band was a great game... but ...

Did reviewers actually rate the whole package besides just what was on the disc? From the sounds of it most reviewers ignored the "instruments" completely. Heck you can hum through the songs in the microphone sections of the game. You can finish some songs just humming
"LA LA LA LA" at the right time.

Since this is a game based on using "instruments" and many reports of instruments for rock band failing or breaking... Why would anyone buy this game over Guitar Hero 3? Even though harmonix made guitar hero 1 and 2, the game was still published by MTV (which the channel sucks now) and even worse EA, a company notorious for cutting corners and rushing games.

My rant is done, and I am glad I waited on making the decision to pick up RockBand Guitar Hero 3 instead. Another great rushed job, EA.

ruibing3956d ago

I have this on backorder at Newegg but I'm considering cancelling it in light of these news. It seems the hardware for both GHIII and RB are pretty bad so it's really hard to want either too much now.

Expy3956d ago

Maybe it's a good thing it was delayed in Canada. Maybe they could fix it up before I get it.

X3956d ago

I've noticed problems when trying to do quick notes of the same color. I prefer to just strum downward rather than both directions. There seems to be a delay in the system registering the presses when I try to quickly strum down in the menus, and then it moves real quickly. Yet if I use the pad there is no delay. So I can't tell if it's something with the bar or the wireless signal.

Expy3956d ago

The hardware is very very poor. It seems like EA just made it to cut costs as much as possible and sell it to the consumers at a low price to seem like a bargain... But what they really get, is a good game that has cheap intruments that can break very easily.

You think Peter Moore brought over the "plague" from Microsoft? :P

Omegasyde3956d ago

Not Moores fault. But Microsoft and Rock Band have something in common, Each of the two cut cost and get their parts from cheap Chinese factories .

guitarfanboy3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

Hopefully it's not a complete pain in the ace to get the broken stuff replaced. I mean, come on! They must be sling shotting these d*mn bundles to the stores.

This almost makes me as mad as router companies. Lookin at you, Linksys.

Still, Expy. It's like putting a coin in a slot machine anytime you purchase a videogame that has instrument peripherals. Crossing my fingers. I hope I get a jackpot.

Expy3956d ago

Apparently it's fast and free, however, they require credit card information for liability issues.

popup3956d ago

One poor guy's drums apparently collapsed due to high levels of settling atmospheric particles.

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The story is too old to be commented.