Pixelitis: NYCC ’11: brentalfloss talks yetis, inspiration and his massive… ego.

Chances are that if you like videogames and are a denizen of the interwebs, you’ve probably seen that bald-headed, goatee’d man above this post. His lyrics are humorous, his renditions of classic game music are infectious and damn it, does he know how to make us laugh.

We at Pixelitis have covered his work in the past and at this year’s New York Comic con, brentalfloss was hanging out at the Halolz booth to shill his wares and hang out with his fans at the Halolz booth.

We got the chance to catch up with the man behind the videos to find out about his genesis as a parodist, where he draws inspiration for his videos and what his fans can expect from the man that brought us Mega Man III with lyrics.

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