Battlefield 3's Gulf of Oman, before and after screenshots

DICE has released new screenshots as part of a competition, where they revealed the popular map Gulf of Oman, as it appeared in Battlefield 2 and as it will look in Battlefield 3.

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Ghoul2459d ago


i love dice for bringing those maps (best in history of mp fps) to bf3

"DICE’s new design philosophy is that the new Gulf Of Oman is set “a few years later in time than the original battles”. "

very good idea.

evrfighter2459d ago

I'm scared if how they'll place the flags. really dropped the ball there. sharqi peninsula is my favorite bf2 map

Hufandpuf2459d ago

I want to see strike at karkand. Best map IMO.

Shackdaddy8362459d ago

I really want to see wake and sharqi. Sharqi because it was my first ever BF2 map I've ever played and wake because it was my first 1942 map I've ever played(I can't believe I remember that. lol.)

Shmotz2459d ago

Oh the days when I would play BF2 for hours.

Clayman2459d ago

So when is this map pack coming out?

Plagasx2459d ago

Wtf why aren't these maps playable yet???

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