Origin-Third party support has arrived

Origin, since its inception a few months back, has been heavily restricted by the simple fact that it only contains EA published games as it is after all an EA service. Today, however, EA has announced that three huge game publishers will be providing content for the online service. Read on for a look at the publishers as well what this could mean for the online marketplace.

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malol2372d ago

Origin ... the peace of sh1t software

i mean really
my PC hard copy of BF3 is just setting there doing nothing
thanks to this sh!t unable to activate games which means i cant even install the game !!!!!!


StayStatic2372d ago (Edited 2372d ago )

lol im in the same boat xD

I managed to get my mits on my copy of BF3 after waiting all day.

One day early too (UK) , so was feeling pretty good about it and b00m , origin activation servers drop dead.!/zh1n...

Can hear my friend playing it downstairs right now lol , he activated this morning though.

egidem2372d ago

Competition is always good for the market and most importantly, to us the consumers. It forces prices to drop down at even levels.

With that said, I don't like the way EA is forcing Origin down people's throats causing them to hate it even more.

raytraceme2372d ago

I like steam. They are private and don't have shareholders to suck up to. Plus steam has one of the best working conditions for a company :)

mrsatan2372d ago

Origin is still better than Steam was when it was first released. Most of you youngins don't remember it, but Steam was HORRIBLE on first launch. It was slow, buggy, and worst of all it didn't always work. I remember all I wanted to do was splay some Counterstrike and having to go through Steam to do it made me angry as all hell. Now we all love Steam but others fail to realize it hasn't always been perfect. Give Origin a chance, it is getting better.

raytraceme2372d ago

thing is that i always support private companies over public ones.

Bolts2372d ago

Origin is lacking, they're way behind the curve. They're still lacking the basics like achievements and user reviews/forums.