PolyPwn Presents "Let's Pwn!" MechWarrior3 Operation 2

Welcome to another exciting series of Let’s Pwn! Mechwarrior3. This is Operation 2 in which I have to find and destroy a Mech factory whilst finding some very nice salvage.

Many new Mechs are introduced in this series and some new Mech pilots join my team to help out in the fight. I also get myself a shiny new 70 tonne Thor mech!

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Saryk2279d ago

God I miss this series!

Mintydog2279d ago

Yea the MechWarrior series are brilliant. Do you know it is being remade by Piranah Games?

You may also like the other series of Let's Pwn! that features MechCommander, also on our youtube channel. Enjoy.

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