Battlefield 3 Team Deathmatch Gameplay - G3

Footage of Team Deathmatch Gameplay on Battlefield 3 for the Xbox 360!

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fluffydelusions2276d ago

I don't really like team deathmatch in BF3. Just so boring compared to conquest or rush.

-Alpha2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I felt that way with Guerilla Warfare in Killzone 3. Class based shooters completely lose the magic when they add in a TDM mode.

I get that they want to have something for the COD crowd, but really, time would have been better spent on a new mode. I always felt that bringing back CTF would have been great, especially since it'd work perfectly for the console player count

Or they could have at least tweaked TDM a bit more.

PixL2276d ago

I stick to DM for one reason: most of the time, there aren't enough of my friends online to play Rush or Conquest as, unfortunately, we all have our lives. It requires 6+ people to have a good game when your input really counts and influences the whole game. If you get most of your squad without headsets and people who don't know what support class or medkits are for, I can't find fun in it. More so in Rush attack as you can arm objectives even alone but Conquest is really pointless with randoms.

Nevertheless, I consider team-based modes superior in BF, nothing beats the adrenaline when you blow up the last MCom with 1 ticket left.

egidem2276d ago

Team deathmatch is sort of boring, especially for battlefield. I rarely play it. I'm usually drowning in the goodness and awesomeness that is conquest or rush much better!

JellyJelly2276d ago

I never get tired of Rush and Conquest. The teamwork and strategy needed makes it last longer than deathmatch modes imo.

Spenok2275d ago

Most definitly. I havent even touched DM yet as Rush and CQ are easily the best MP game modes there is. imo of course.

Fil1012276d ago

how big is the hd install for this and is it an optional download (PS3) ???

Spenok2275d ago

The install is 1.5GB's and its mandatory...

However, if you dont want to buy it from a store, it will soon be on the PS Store with a space requirement of only 13GB's lol.

Fil1012275d ago

lol think i'll buy hard copy plus just brought dead space 2 from the store at 11 gig and it took me about 10 hours to download

Organization XII2276d ago

TDM is a nice addition but this map on PC rapes the 360 version to the core. No kidding I have both versions!

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