Hollywood take note: five potential pocket gaming blockbusters

When asked about his involvement in Super Mario Brothers, Bob Hoskins famously remarked: "The worst thing I ever did." And he's not alone in deriding that film. Its average score as recorded on Rotten Tomatoes is just six per cent. And the other films-of-games scarcely fare better.

Things would appear to be on the verge of improving, with Peter Jackson allegedly keen to make a film of Halo, but the current landscape is undeniably barren.

So why can't the film-makers get it right? It can't be that hard to make a decent film based on a game, what with the ready-made characters and worlds. Why do all of the films mentioned belong to the lowbrow action and fantasy genres? With scores of talented writers crawling like ants over the Hollywoods hills, why have none of them seen fit to put good dialogue in the mouths of video game characters?

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