The unspeakable horrors of Splatterhouse's West Mansion

What's your favorite horror game? If your answer is not Splatterhouse, you need to read this.

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THR1LLHOUSE2161d ago

Man, I played Splatterhouse years ago but never realized how messed up it really was...This looks insanely awesome.

Awesomely insane?

Insanely insane.

lethalsilicong52161d ago

Best name for a video game ever? yes.

Sadie21002161d ago

Haha, this story is hilarious! I think I would've liked the original game better if this dialogue was in it.

idontgetit2161d ago

Loved the chainsaw-hands mouseover - hahhhh.

NagaSotuva2161d ago

I'd totally walk inside a creepy mansion known as "Splatterhouse" in the middle of a thunderstorm. What could possibly go wrong?

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