Who should play Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie? Who cares?

After watching a demo of Uncharted 3, I realize that maybe the game truly is the movie.

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LockeCole2489d ago

The whole point of Uncharted is that it's a cinematic experience. Don't need a movie.

crazytown992489d ago

Yeah, but if it WAS a movie? Will Smith.

Sadie21002489d ago

LOL...Will Smith as Nathan Drake. PERFECT.

Tuxedo_Mask2489d ago

Remember The Wild Wild West? Jim West went from Robert Conrad to Will Smith? The funniest thing was that Will Smith acted surprised that the role was "originally written for a white guy". I doubt he even knew that it was supposed to be based on a TV show, he'd probably have the same reaction if he were cast as Nathan Drake.

Attached: Jim West (Conrad) vs. Jim West (Smith)

Marceles2489d ago

Bokeem Woodbine should...obviously.

fluffydelusions2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

Nathan Fillion. He looks and he kind of talks like Drake. He's been great in everything I've seen him as well. Just please not Mark Walberg.

kneon2489d ago

My vote still goes to Kyle Chandler

jwatt2489d ago

If they were to make a Uncharted movie I think it should be somebody we never heard of before.

Pozzle2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

I don't see why Hollywood are so intent on making a live-action Uncharted movie, tbh. If they want to make an Uncharted film...I mean, REALLY want to make one...then why not make it CGI? Get Naughty Dog to make it, put a lot of money into marketing it and garnering mainstream audience's attention, and people will flock to the cinema just to see what all the hype is about. Hollywood seems to think you need a big-name star to get audiences to come to the cinema, but marketing is what's most important when it comes to selling an idea and a movie. Advertise Uncharted as the next Indiana Jones, show off the realistic graphics, show off the character interactions, and make the movie trailers look as exciting as the game trailers...and people WILL buy tickets. If only to see if it lives up to what's being advertised.

And hell, CGI movies are pretty popular nowadays. And with realistic CGI becoming more common (Avatar, Beowulf...hell, even the new Tin Tin movie counts), I don't see why they couldn't just make an epic CGI Uncarted movie.

I'm personally OK with Hollywood wanting to make a movie, because then it might entice some people to check out the games. But if Hollywood IS going to go with the movie idea, a CGI one would be better than live-action imo. Because no matter how good a live-action Uncharted movie is, there will still be plenty of people who are unhappy with the final result, or envisioned the characters differently, or didn't like the new story. At least a CGI film can't screw that up. Especially if Naughty Dog are the ones behind it.

lethalsilicong52489d ago

I love how you bring up Tin Tin. I wonder what an Uncharted movie would be like, since the games are usually 5x the length of a movie.

IrishAssa2489d ago

Indiana jones is already done, if you take away the gameplay then all you really have is an Indiana clone

Pozzle2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

True, but people still want that type of movie. Even though Indy 4 got bad reviews, people still went to the cinema to see it. People miss fun, exciting, character driven, adventure movies. Stuff like Indiana Jones, The Mummy, hell even the Prince of Persia movie...the types of movies that weren't trying to be SRS BSNS, or Oscar winners, or filled with CGI explosions and car chases to keep the audience interested

They were just fun and exciting and wanted to take the audience on an adventure. To capture the audience's imagination.

A-Glorious-Dawn2489d ago

Yeah an uncharted film would be perfect for CG. Moreover you can accomplish more in that way than traditional live action.

But don't get your hopes up guys, Hollywood hasn't got a good track record.

Off topic. Tin tin looks incredible, the technology behind it is really quite amazing and I think it will be a must see.

THR1LLHOUSE2489d ago

I love it when people say Nathan Fillion should play Drake...Has anybody actually seen him in the however many years since Firefly got cancelled? He doesn't exactly look like Nathan Drake anymore...

tigertron2489d ago

He could pass off as Drake if he died his hair, but the most important thing is that he is just like Drake.

Anyways, as the guy said above...Uncharted is cinematic and doesn't need a movie. I rewatch the cutscenes as they were movies and remembering what happened inbetween each when I played through them.

tigertron2489d ago

Thanks for correcting my typo, Kran.

THR1LLHOUSE2488d ago

I'm more talking about...y'know, width.

fluffydelusions2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

He just needs to go on a bit of a diet lol. He's great in Castle plus he actually looks like Drake and even kind of talks like him.

Tanir2489d ago

they should hire the dude from the Long Live Play Commercial

ironfist922488d ago

Depends how good his acting is. He merely lip-synced Nolan North's voice track, and that was just one line.

Not really a sure-fire winner when comparing it to an action and script-heavy 2 hour film.

But considering Neil Burger's previous casting of Bradley Cooper in Limitless, I wouldnt be suprised, nor would I be upset, if he chose Cooper for Drake. Has the same personalities as drake, give him a wardrobe change and a haircut, and whilst not looking exactly like Drake, has the traits which make Drake who he is.

Tanir2488d ago

true enough sir! still he looked just like him lol

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