Woman waits overnight for Wii, snubbed by Kmart

Many Kmart stores across the country pushed the traditional Black Friday into Thursday, opening on Thanksgiving. With that came the long lines of customers eager to take advantage of the holiday season deals. In a story out of Huntsville, Alabama, a woman now claims that her local Kmart wasted her time and acted unfairly over a Nintendo Wii.

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DRUDOG3917d ago

This is news? I'd be pissed too if I had waited over night, but can't say I really care about this. Why the hell am I even commenting?!? Oh well, back to AC...

B Man3917d ago

I freaking hate local news, that "We're on your side" bullsht is very annoying. To make it worse some video game site ate that local news story up and decided to show it to the world, in turn showing how crappy his website is.

Seriously, that sucks you didn't get one but there are people that DIE every day and don't even make it on the news. STFU and kill yourself.. then I'll think twice about listening to your story on the TV.

WilliamRLBaker3917d ago

which is why kmart nearly went bankrupt, got bought out by sears, and now still sucks because of stupid management *i worked at the local kmart and i've never seen such retards which is why i quit i dont work for people stupider then me*

dhammalama3917d ago

Just kidding. I wouldn't want to work there either.

lawman11083917d ago

Worst store with the worst help working in it.

tevis693917d ago

actually, Kmart bought out SEARS.... sad really... i used to work at SEARS

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zerolinkgannon3917d ago

Sadly, it's called getting owned. So I suggest people get use to it. But Kmart sucks anyway!

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The story is too old to be commented.