Metroid Prime Cosplay - Jenni Källberg Kicks Butt as Samus Aran

Jenni Källberg in an amazing series of photos depicting her as Metriod Prime's Samus Aran.

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Charlie26883958d ago

WOW O.O she is stunningly pretty!

Nostradavis3958d ago

Indeed she is. Have a bubble.

Charlie26883958d ago

Thanks a bubble to you too :)

EZCheez3958d ago


Everytime I see cosplay now I think of this article.

Click this link guys. Trust me, not only is it hilarious, but it has some even more amazing cosplay.

Charlie26883958d ago

My eyes...they burn...please STOP!!! STOP!!!! OMG THEY ARE BLEEDING!!! AHHHH!!!


btw the Japanese ones are SPECTACULAR O.O

Nostradavis3958d ago

EZ, I would give you 5 bubbles if i could for that. That made me laugh so hard. Great.

Malkier3958d ago

Thanks for that link, I needed a good laugh.
Those japanese costumes are so good. As for the American ones... no comment..

Skerj3957d ago

:( Sadly those aren't the worst I've seen wheeeeeeeeew thar be some people who should be put in jail for that.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3957d ago

Real good one... I don't know if I would lost a rider's helmet in this, but real good. The arms are a little too fin, but still good. The wounds look just ok.

About american cosplayers, that are good ones, but still nobody beat Japanese in Mangas, Animes and games that follow that style, even the face structure is ethnically Japanese, with a fin chin, a jaw that would lead to a pretty round face. Indeed, it's the Japanese concept of a woman's pretty face, the man on Manga also have this face cause they are androgenous and that is why so many male character look better when cosplayed by women. The costume itself isn't a problem, I already have seen some real well made costumes, it's more a question of how much time you gonna spend making it.

Still, this kind of thing is not my cup of tea. I have been in a lot of Anime encounter, but the cosplay thing is not for me, I ever compliment the guys and girls doing this, once they turn around, I laugh 'till my stomach aches...

Cutter203958d ago

Why the arm wounds? Is that something from metroid prime 2 and 3? Cause I didn't play those.

solar3957d ago

i wouldnt kick her outta bed. ::thumbs up::

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